House of the Dead

The Fatal Shore

by Robert Hughes

The Magician’s Trick

The Enchanter

by Vladimir Nabokov, translated by Dmitri Nabokov

We Japanese

My Life Between Japan and America

by Edwin O. Reischauer

Made in Japan: Akio Morita and Sony

by Akio Morita, with Edwin M. Reingold and Mitsuko Shimomura

Berenson’s Certificate

Artful Partners: Bernard Berenson and Joseph Duveen

by Colin Simpson

Brave Old World

Pagans and Christians

by Robin Lane Fox

On the Trail of Santa Fe

New Mexico: A Guide to the Colorful State Project Administration.

for the American Guide Series by the Writers' Program of the Works

New Mexico: A New Guide to the Colorful State

by Lance Chilton and Katherine Chilton and Polly E. Arango and James Dudley and Nancy Neary and Patricia Stelzner

Enchantment and Exploitation: The Life and Hard Times of a New Mexico Mountain Range

by William deBuys

Mercedes Reales: Hispanic Land Grants of the Upper Rio Grande Region

by Victor Westphall

Four Leagues of Pecos: A Legal History of the Pecos Grant, 1800–1933

by G. Emlen Hall

New Mexico: A Bicentennial History

by Marc Simmons

Along the Santa Fe Trail

essay by Marc Simmons, photographs by Joan Myers

Haunted Highways: The Ghost Towns of New Mexico

by Ralph Looney

Four Fighters of Lincoln County

by Robert M. Utley

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Advice for ‘Judge and Company’

Law's Empire

by Ronald Dworkin

A Visit to Mr. America

The American Newness: Culture and Politics in the Age of Emerson

by Irving Howe

The Convert

Georg Lukács: Record of a Life
An Autobiographical Sketch

edited by István Eörsi, translated by Rodney Livingstone

Georg Lukács and His Generation: 1900–1918

by Mary Gluck

The Young Lukács

by Lee Congdon

Georg Lukács: His Life in Pictures and Documents

compiled by Éva Fekete and Éva Karádi

Georg Lukács, Karl Mannheim und der Sonntagskreis

edited by Éva Karádi and Erzsébet Vezér, Translated from the Hungarian by Albrecht Friedrich

Georg Lukács: Selected Correspondence, 1902––1920, dialogues with Weber, Simmel, Buber, Mannheim, and Others

selected, edited, translated, and annotated by Judith Marcus and Zoltán Tar, with an introduction by Zoltán Tar

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