Slyest of the Foxes

Duke Ellington

by James Lincoln Collier

Casey’s Case

Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA 1981–1987

by Bob Woodward

The Last Bengali Renaissance Man

The Unicorn Expedition and Other Fantastic Tales of India

by Satyajit Ray

The Home and the World

A film directed by Satyajit Ray. produced by the National Film Development Corporation of India

Off to a Bad Start

The Launching of Modern American Science, 1846–1876

by Robert V. Bruce

Controlling Life: Jacques Loeb and the Engineering Ideal in Biology

by Philip J. Pauly

Grace Street Blues

Presumed Innocent

by Scott Turow

The Family Business

I Pledge Allegiance…The True Story of the Walkers: An American Spy Family

by Howard Blum

The Case of the Colorblind Painter

Some Uncommon Observations About Vitiated Sight

by Robert Boyle

"Disorders of Complex Visual Processing"

by Antonio R. Damasio. in M-Marsel Mesulam, ed., Principles of Behavioral Neurology

Caspar Hauser

by Anselm von Feuerbach

The Intelligent Eye

by Richard L. Gregory

Physiological Optics Society of America, Washington, DC, 1924

by Hermann von Helmholtz. original edition 1856–1867, translation published by The Optical

"The Retinex Theory of Color Vision"

by Edwin H. Land in Scientific American

Vision: A Computational Investigation into the Human Representation and Processing of Visual Information

by David Marr

"Retinex Theory and Colour Constancy," article by J.J. McCann

in Richard L. Gregory, ed., The Oxford Companion to the Mind

"Colour Vision: Eye Mechanisms," article by W.A.H. Rushton

in Richard L. Gregory, ed., The Oxford Companion to the Mind

Remarks on Colour

by Ludwig Wittgenstein

"The Construction of Colours by the Cerebral Cortex" an article by S. Zeki

in Proceedings of the Royal Institution of Great Britain

"Selective Disturbance of Movement Vision after Bilateral Brain Damage"

in Brain, article by J. Zihl et al.

Colourful Notions series The Nature of Things (1984)

A film written and produced by John Roth

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Frankenstein’s Mother

As Muriel Spark points out in her biography of Mary Shelley, Shelley’s lucid, rational, and straightforward prose makes the surreal horrors of her story much more effective than the inflated rhetoric of her contemporaries’ Gothic tales. 

Mary Shelley: A Biography

by Muriel Spark

The Journals of Mary Shelley: 1814–1844, Vol. I, 1814–1822 Vol. II, 1822–1844

edited by Paula R. Feldman, edited by Diana Scott-Kilvert

The Lash and the Knout

Unfree Labor: American Slavery and Russian Serfdom

by Peter Kolchin

Indian English

Hobson-Jobson: A Glossary of Colloquial Anglo-Indian Words and Phrases, and of Kindred Terms, Etymological, Historical, Geographical and Discursive

by Col. Henry Yule R.E., C.B. and A.C. Burnell Ph.D., C.I.E., new edition edited by William Crooke B.A.

Much Ado About Everything

The Bottom Translation: Marlowe and Shakespeare and the Carnival Tradition

by Jan Kott, translated by Daniela Miedzyrzecka and Lillian Valee

A New Montaigne

Montaigne in Motion

by Jean Starobinski, translated by Arthur Goldhammer

The Conscientious Spy

Klaus Fuchs, Atom Spy

by Robert Chadwell Williams

Klaus Fuchs: The Man Who Stole the Atom Bomb

by Norman Moss

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