Golden Boy

The Life of Kenneth Tynan

by Kathleen Tynan

The Artist as Analyst

A Way of Looking at Things: Selected Papers From 1930 to 1980

by Erik H. Erikson, edited by Stephen Schlein Ph.D.

Cleaning Up Snow White

Why do children enjoy stories about other children sent out to die in a wood, or being victimized by cruel stepmothers, or given impossible tasks to perform, and (if female) forced to marry frogs or bears?

Grimms' Bad Girls and Bold Boys: The Moral and Social Vision of the Tales

by Ruth B. Bottigheimer

The Hard Facts of the Grimms' Fairy Tales

by Maria Tatar

American Apartheid

The Color Line and the Quality of Life in America

by Reynolds Farley and Walter R. Allen

Families in Peril: An Agenda for Social Change

by Marian Wright Edelman

Risking the Future: Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy, and Childbearing

edited by Cheryl D. Haynes

The New Black Middle Class

by Bart Landry

The Truly Disadvantaged: The Inner City, the Underclass, and Public Policy

by William Julius Wilson

The Economic Progress of Black Men in America

US Commission on Civil Rights

The State of Black America 1987

edited by Janet Dewart

USA vs. Starrett City Associates 660 Federal Supplement 668

("benign quotas") US District Court, Eastern District of New York

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Count Up

To Infinity and Beyond: A Cultural History of the Infinite

by Eli Maor

Mind Tools: The Five Levels of Mathematical Reality

by Rudy Rucker

Ringing the Button

An Arrow in the Wall: Selected Poetry and Prose

by Andrei Voznesensky, edited by William Jay Smith and F.D. Reeve

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