A Côté Capote

Answered Prayers: The Unfinished Novel

by Truman Capote

The Capote Reader

by Truman Capote

The Outsider

Claude McKay: Rebel Sojourner in the Harlem Renaissance

by Wayne F. Cooper

Romantic Originals

La Comédie humaine

by Honoré de Balzac, published under the direction of Pierre-Georges Castex

Lord Byron: The Complete Poetical Works

edited by Jerome J. McGann

The Cornell Wordsworth

edited by Stephen M. Parrish

William Wordsworth and the Age of English Romanticism

An exhibition at the New York Public Library through January 2, 1988

William Wordsworth and the Age of English Romanticism

Catalog of the exhibition by Jonathan Wordsworth and Michael C. Jaye and Robert Woof

Fun While It Lasted

The Neo-pagans: Rupert Brooke and the Ordeal of Youth

by Paul Delany

Polish Nightmares

Moonrise, Moonset

by Tadeusz Konwicki, translated by Richard Lourie

The Color of Blood

by Brian Moore

Thoroughly Modern Master

Towards a New Architecture

by Le Corbusier, translated and with an introduction by Frederick Etchells

The Villas of Le Corbusier: 1920–1930

by Tim Benton

Le Corbusier: Architect of the Century

Journey to the East

by Le Corbusier, edited and annotated by Ivan Zaknić, translated by Ivan Zaknić, in collaboration with Nicole Pertuiset

The Le Corbusier Guide

by Deborah Gans

Le Corbusier: 5 Projects 26, 1987)

An exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (March 26–May

Le Corbusier: Une encyclopédie

Catalog of the exhibition "L'Aventure Le Corbusier: 1887–1965" at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (October 6, 1987–January 3, 1988), edited by Jacques Lucan

Le Corbusier: Ideas and Forms

by William J.R. Curtis

Le Corbusier

edited by H. Allen Brooks

Le Corbusier: The City of Refuge, Paris, 1929–1933

by Brian Brace Taylor

Pessac de Le Corbusier: 1927–1985, Etude socio-architecturale

by Philippe Boudon, preface by Henri Lefebvre

Le Corbusier: Early Works by Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris

with contributions by Geoffrey Baker and Jacques Gubler

Le Corbusier: La progettazione come mutamento

Catalog of the exhibition at the Università Statale, Milan (December 15, 1986–January 31, 1987), edited by Cesare Blasi and Gabriella Padovano

Le Corbusier: Pittore e scultore

Catalog of the exhibition at the Museo Correr, Venice (September 6–November 30, 1986)

Le Corbusier Secret: Dessins et collages de la collection Ahrenberg Lausanne

Catalog of the exhibition at the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts (April 2–May 10, 1987)

The Decorative Art of Today

by Le Corbusier, translated and introduced by James I. Dunnett

L'Esprit Nouveau: Le Corbusier und die Industrie, 1920–1925

Catalog of the exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich(March 28–May 10, 1987)

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Resisting the New

The New History and the Old

by Gertrude Himmelfarb

Too Proud to Fight?

RAB: The Life of R.A. Butler

by Anthony Howard

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