Queen Bee

A Book of Bees…and How to Keep Them

by Sue Hubbell

A Country Year: Living the Questions

by Sue Hubbell

Message from Mao

Edgar Snow: A Biography

by John Maxwell Hamilton

Intruders in the Dust

Paris Trout

by Pete Dexter

Shine Hawk

by Charlie Smith

Getting FDR’s Ear

Dealers and Dreamers: A New Look at the New Deal

by Joseph P. Lash

Liberal: Adolf A. Berle and the Vision of an American Era

by Jordan A. Schwarz

Saving Capitalism: The Reconstruction Finance Corporation and the New Deal, 1933–1940

by James S. Olson

Harry Hopkins: Ally of the Poor and Defender of Democracy

by George McJimsey

The Rise of the Homeless

“Three years into Ronald Reagan’s first administration, the effects of his social welfare policies—from the elimination of certain nutrition and health programs to the drastic cuts in federal subsidies for the construction of low-income housing—were just being felt in the cities.”

Rachel and Her Children: Homeless Families in America

by Jonathan Kozol

A South Sea Renaissance

Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce, 1450–1680: Vol. I, The Lands below the Winds

by Anthony Reid

1588 and All That

The Spanish Armada

by Colin Martin and Geoffrey Parker

The Armada

by Garrett Mattingly

Armada: A celebration of the four hundredth anniversary of the defeat of the Spanish Armada, 1588–1988

by Peter Padfield

Armada: 1588–1988, An International Exhibition to Commemorate the Spanish Armada: The Official Catalogue (Greenwich)

edited by M.J. Rodríguez-Salgado. the staff of the National Maritime Museum

The Spanish Armada: The Experience of War in 1588

by Felipe Fernández-Armesto

The Enterprise of England: The Spanish Armada

by Roger Whiting

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Tin Cans in the Rockies

The Pilot and the Passenger: Essays on Literature, Technology, and Culture in the United States

by Leo Marx

Ansel Adams: Letters and Images 1916–1984

edited by Mary Street Alinder, edited by Andrea Gray Stillman

Suitcase in Harlem

The Life of Langston Hughes, Vol. I, 1902–1941: I, Too, Sing America

by Arnold Rampersad

The Life of Langston Hughes, Vol. II, 1941–1967: I Dream a World

by Arnold Rampersad

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