Were the Atomic Scientists Spies?

Special Tasks: The Memoirs of an Unwanted Witness
A Soviet Spymaster
by Pavel Sudoplatov, and Anatoli Sudoplatov, with L. Jerrold, and Leona P. Schecter, foreword by Robert Conquest

The Magician

Images: My Life in Film by Ingmar Bergman, translated by Marianne Ruuth

The Best Intentions by Ingmar Bergman, translated by Joan Tate

Sunday’s Children by Ingmar Bergman, translated by Joan Tate

Ingmar Bergman: Film and Stage by Robert Emmet Long

The Old Man’s New China

‘Don’t Force Us to Lie’: The Struggle of Chinese Journalists in the Reform Era by Allison Liu Jernow

Sowing the Seeds of Democracy in China: Political Reform in the Deng Xiaoping Era by Merle Goldman

The Rise of China: How Economic Reform is Creating a New Superpower by William H. Overholt

Inventing American Capitalism

The Roots of Rural Capitalism: Western Massachusetts, 1780–1860 by Christopher Clark

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Land: The Plunder of Early America by Daniel M. Friedenberg

The Agrarian Origins of American Capitalism by Allan Kulikoff

From Market-Places to a Market Economy: The Transformation of Rural Massachusetts, 1750–1850 by Winifred Barr Rothenberg

The Origins of American Capitalism: Selected Essays by James A. Henretta

Sons and Daughters of Chicago

Plan of Chicago by Daniel H. Burnham and Edward H. Bennett, edited by Charles Moore

Writing Chicago: Modernism, Ethnography, and the Novel by Carla Cappetti

Henry Hobson Richardson: J.J. Glessner House, Chicago by Elaine Harrington

Frank Lloyd Wright 10, 1994 An exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York February 20–May

Frank Lloyd Wright: Architect catalog of the exhibition edited by Terence Riley


John Banville’s latest novel is Mrs. Osmond. (October 2019)

Norman Davies is the author of, among other books, Europe: A History, Rising 44: The Battle for Warsaw, and, most recently, Vanished Kingdoms: The History of Half-Forgotten Europe.

 (May 2013)

Umberto Eco is President of the Scuola Superiore di Studi Umanistici at the University of Bologna and author of many books, most recently 
How to Write a Thesis.

John Gross (1935–2011) was an English editor and critic. From 1974 to 1981, he was editor of The Times Literary Supplement; he also served as senior book editor and critic at The New York Times. His memoir, A Double Thread, was published in 2001.

Murray Kempton (1917-1997) was a columnist for Newsday, as well as a regular contributor to The New York Review of Books. His books include Rebellions, Perversities, and Main Events and The Briar Patch, as well as Part of Our Time. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1985.

Perry Link is Chancellorial Chair at the University of California at Riverside. His recent books include An Anatomy of Chinese: Rhythm, Metaphor, Politics and a translation of the memoirs of the Chinese astrophysicist Fang Lizhi, entitled The Most Wanted Man in China: My Journey from Scientist to Enemy of the State. (June 2018)

Michael Meyer (1921-2000) was a translator, novelist, biographer, and playwright, best known for his translations of the works of Ibsen and Strindberg. His biography of Ibsen won the Whitbread Prize for Biography in 1971.

Jonathan Mirsky is a historian of China. He was formerly the East Asia Editor of The Times of London and China Correspondent for The Observer.
 (December 2016)

Sherwin B. Nuland is Clinical Professor of Surgery and a Fellow of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies at Yale. He is the author of How We Die, which won the National Book Award in 1994, and Lost in America. (December 2005)

Thomas Powers’s books include The Man Who Kept the ­Secrets: Richard Helms and the CIA and Intelligence Wars: American Secret History from Hitler to al-Qaeda. (June 2019)

Claire Tomalin is the author of many biographies, among them Jane Austen: A Life and Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self. Her new book, Charles Dickens: A Life, will be published in October. (September 2011)

Helen Vendler is the Arthur Kingsley Porter University Professor Emerita in the Department of English at Harvard. Her latest book is The Ocean, the Bird, and the Scholar, a collection of essays. (December 2019)

William Weaver is celebrated for his numerous translations from the Italian, including Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose and novels and stories by Italo Calvino.

Garry Wills, a journalist and historian, is the author of numerous books, including Nixon Agonistes (1970), Inventing America (1978), Explaining America: The Federalist (1981), and Lincoln at Gettysburg (1993), which won a Pulitzer Prize that year. His most recent book is What the Qur’an Meant: And Why It Matters (2017). (November 2019)

Gordon Wood is the Alva O. Way University Professor Emeritus at Brown. His new book, Friends Divided: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, will be published in the fall.
 (May 2017)