On Tap

Bring In 'da Noise, Bring In 'da Funk

choreography by Savion Glover. conceived and directed by George C. Wolfe. at the Ambassador Theatre, New York City

Family Values

In Contempt

by Christopher A. Darden

Reasonable Doubts: The O.J. Simpson Case and the Criminal Justice System

by Alan M. Dershowitz

The Search for Justice: A Defense Attorney's Brief on the O.J. Simpson Case

by Robert L. Shapiro

I Want to Tell You

by O.J. Simpson

What Happened to the Revolution?

Showdown: The Struggle Between the Gingrich Congress and the Clinton White House

by Elizabeth Drew

Storming the Gates: Protest Politics and the Republican Revival

by Dan Balz and Ronald Brownstein

'Tell Newt to Shut Up'

by David Maraniss and Michael Weisskopf

Dirty Little Secrets: The Persistence of Corruption in American Politics

by Larry J. Sabate and Glenn R. Simpson

The System: The American Way of Politics at the Breaking Point

by Haynes Johnson and David S. Broder

En Route to the Catastrophe

Babel Tower

by A.S. Byatt

The Abominable Emperor

An Uncommon Woman: The Empress Frederick, Daughter of Queen Victoria, Wife of the Crown Prince of Russia, Mother of Kaiser Wilhelm

by Hannah Pakula

Blood and Iron: From Bismarck to Hitler: The von Moltke Family's Impact on German History

by Otto Friedrich

The Kaiser and His Court: Wilhelm II and the Government of Germany

by John C.G. Röhl, translated by Terence F. Cole

Stauffenberg: A Family History 1950-1944

by Peter Hoffmann

Japan: In the Spirit World

The Idea of Japan: Western Images, Western Myths

by Ian Littlewood

A Zen Romance: One Woman's Adventures in a Monastery

by Deborah Boliver Boehm

A Year in the Life of a Shinto Shrine

by John K. Nelson

Eliot and the Jews

T.S. Eliot, Anti-Semitism, and Literary Form

by Anthony Julius

Not So Poor Richard

Benjamin Franklin and His Enemies

by Robert Middlekauff

The Devious Dr. Franklin, Colonial Agent: Benjamin Franklin's Years in London

by David T. Morgan

How to Read a Book

Forms and Meanings: Texts, Performances, and Audiences from Codex to Computer

by Roger Chartier

Shakespeare, the King's Playwright: Theater and the Stuart Court, 1603-1613

by Alvin Kernan

The Poisoned Country

Burundi: Ethnic Conflict and Genocide

by René Lemarchand

Purity and Exile: Violence, Memory, and National Cosmology, Among Hutu Refugees in Tanzania

by Liisa H. Malkki

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