An American Tragedy

And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank

by Steve Oney

Pulling the Rug Out from Under

The Affirmative Action Empire: Nations and Nationalism in the Soviet Union, 1923–1939

by Terry Martin

Back to Normalcy!

Warren G. Harding

by John W. Dean

Hung Up in Washington

Like No Other Time: The 107th Congress and the Two Years That Changed America Forever

by Tom Daschle, with Michael D'Orso

Spy Fever

Reds: McCarthyism in Twentieth-Century America

by Ted Morgan

The Mess in Afghanistan

Afghanistan's Bonn Agreement One Year Later: A Catalog of Missed Opportunities

by Human Rights Watch

"We Want to Live as Humans": Repression of Women and Girls in Western Afghanistan

by Human Rights Watch

All Our Hopes Are Crushed: Violence and Repression in Western Afghanistan

by Human Rights Watch

"Killing You Is a Very Easy Thing for Us": Human Rights Abuses in Southeast Afghanistan

by Human Rights Watch

Afghanistan: Are We Losing the Peace?

by an Independent Task Force cosponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Asia Society

The Situation in Afghanistan and Its Implications for International Peace and Security

by Kofi Annan to the General Assembly of the United Nations

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New York’s Finest

The Great Mayor: Fiorello La Guardia and the Making of the City of New York

by Alyn Brodsky

Getting in Nature’s Way

The Pursuit of Perfection: The Promise and Perils of Medical Enhancement

by Sheila M. Rothman and David J. Rothman

Love Letter

SS Proleterka

by Fleur Jaeggy, translated from the Italian by Alastair McEwen

The Underworld of Work

The New Ruthless Economy: Work and Power in the Digital Age

by Simon Head

Downsizing in America: Reality, Causes, and Consequences

by William J. Baumol, Alan S. Blinder, and Edward N. Wolff

Low-Wage America: How Employers Are Reshaping Opportunity in the Workplace

edited by Eileen Appelbaum, Annette Bernhardt, and Richard J. Murnane

Winged Messages

Angels in America

directed by Mike Nichols, screenplay by Tony Kushner, based on his play.

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