Massacre in Arcadia

Shalimar the Clown

by Salman Rushdie

When the Russians Came

A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City

by Anonymous, translated from the German by Philip Boehm

The Body Hunters

The Constant Gardener

a film directed by Fernando Meirelles, based on the novel by John le Carré

Don’t Cry for Me, Venezuela

Chávez, un hombre que anda por ahí: Una entrevista con Hugo Chávez

by Aleida Guevara

Hugo Chávez sin uniforme: Una historia personal

by Cristina Marcano and Alberto Barrera Tyszka

Hugo Chávez: The Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela

by Richard Gott

La Revolución como espectáculo

by Colette Capriles

Brahmins at War

Harvard's Civil War: A History of the Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

by Richard F. Miller

The Nature of Sacrifice: A Biography of Charles Russell Lowell, Jr., 1835–64

by Carol Bundy

China: The Uses of Fear

Tiananmen Follies: Prison Memoirs and Other Writings

by Dai Qing,translated and edited by Nancy Yang Liu, Peter Rand, and Lawrence R. Sullivan, with a foreword by Ian Buruma

In the Heart of Darkness

Memory of Congo: The Colonial Era

an exhibition at the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium, February 4–October 9, 2005.

La mémoire du Congo: Le temps colonial

catalog of the exhibition, in French or Dutch, edited by Jean-Luc Vellut et al

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