A Grand & Tender Artist

Wilhelm Lehmbruck: Sculptures and Etchings an exhibition at the Michael Werner Gallery, New York City, January 19–March 3, 2012; and at Michael Werner Kunsthandel, Cologne, March 30–May 4, 2012

Kneeling Woman 100 Years: Wilhelm Lehmbruck in Paris 1911 edited by Raimund Stecker and Marion Bornscheuer

How, and How Not, to Improve the Schools

Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland? by Pasi Sahlberg

A Chance to Make History: What Works and What Doesn’t in Providing an Excellent Education for All by Wendy Kopp with Steven Farr

Violent, Ecstatic Russians

Day of the Oprichnik by Vladimir Sorokin, translated from the Russian by Jamey Gambrell

Ice Trilogy by Vladimir Sorokin, translated from the Russian by Jamey Gambrell

Queens Against the Flow

Catherine of Aragon: The Spanish Queen of Henry VIII by Giles Tremlett

Mary Tudor: Princess, Bastard, Queen by Anna Whitelock

Mary I: England’s Catholic Queen by John Edwards

Our Corrupt Politics: It’s Not All Money

Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption from America’s Most Notorious Lobbyist by Jack Abramoff

Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress—and a Plan to Stop It by Lawrence Lessig


John Banville’s novel Snow will be published in October. (April 2020)

Mischa Berlinski is the author of Fieldwork: A Novel. He lived in Haiti between 2007 and 2011. (June 2013)

David Dollenmayer’s most recent translation is of Martin Walser’s A Gushing Fountain.
 (May 2016)

J. H. Elliott is Regius Professor Emeritus of Modern ­History at Oxford. His books include Empires of the Atlantic World: ­Britain and Spain in America, 1492–1830 and, most ­recently, Scots and Catalans: Union and Disunion.
 (November 2019)

Jennifer Homans is the author of Apollo’s Angels: A ­History of Ballet and the Founder and Director of the Center for Ballet and the Arts at NYU. She is working on a biography of George Balanchine. (January 2019)

Tony Judt (1948–2010) was the founder and director of the Remarque Institute at NYU and the author of Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945, Ill Fares the Land, and The Burden of Responsibility: Blum, Camus, Aron, and the French Twentieth Century, among other books.

Ezra Klein is a columnist for The Washington Post, where he edits the Wonkblog, and a contributor to MSNBC and Bloomberg View.

 (September 2012)

Nicholas Lemann is a Professor at the Columbia ­Graduate School of Journalism and a staff writer at The New Yorker. His books include Transaction Man: The Rise of the Deal and the ­Decline of the American Dream and The Big Test: The Secret ­History of the American Meritocracy.
 (February 2020)

William D. Nordhaus is Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale. He has written extensively on economic growth, including studies of the economic impacts of lighting, computation, and improved health. (August 2016)

Joyce Carol Oates’s most recent book is Hazards of Time Travel. She is currently a Visiting Professor in the English Department at the University of California at Berkeley. (May 2019)

Geoffrey O’Brien’s books include The Phantom Empire and Sonata for Jukebox. His Where Did Poetry Come From? will be ­published in the spring.
(February 2020)

Rachel Polonsky teaches Slavonic Studies at Cambridge. Her latest book is Molotov’s Magic Lantern: A Journey in Russian History. (June 2020)

Diane Ravitch is Research Professor of Education at NYU. Her most recent book is Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools. (December 2017)

Charles Rosen was a pianist and music critic. In 2011 he was awarded a National Humanities Medal.

Kenneth Roth is the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch. (March 2017)

Willibald Sauerländer is a former Director of the Central Institute for Art History in Munich. His latest book is Manet Paints Monet: A Summer in Argenteuil. (May 2016)

Sanford Schwartz is the author of Christen Købke and William Nicholson, and some of his reviews have been collected in The Art Presence and Artists & Writers. (May 2020)