Her Private Papers

Patti Smith’s ‘M Train’

M Train

by Patti Smith

In the Syrian Deadlands

A brutal, unending ordeal

England’s Great Neglected Artist

The Art of Thomas Bewick

by Diana Donald, with contributions by Paul F. Donald

The Terrible Flight from the Killing

There are virtually no legal ways for a refugee to travel to Europe

What Do These People Want?


by Jonathan Franzen

How the Germans Closed Ranks Around Hitler

The German War: A Nation Under Arms, 1939–1945: Citizens and Soldiers

by Nicholas Stargardt

Potsdam: The End of World War II and the Remaking of Europe

by Michael Neiberg

Ministers at War: Winston Churchill and His War Cabinet

by Jonathan Schneer

Max Planck: The Tragic Choices

Planck: Driven by Vision, Broken by War

by Brandon R. Brown

The Bloodthirsty Deng We Didn’t Know

Deng Xiaoping: A Revolutionary Life

by Alexander V. Pantsov with Steven I. Levine

The Very Great Alexander von Humboldt

The Prussian naturalist has been largely forgotten, yet his ideas have never been more alive

The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt’s New World

by Andrea Wulf

After Nature: A Politics for the Anthropocene

by Jedediah Purdy

Why Free Markets Make Fools of Us

Akerlof and Shiller’s ‘Phishing for Phools: The Economics of Manipulation and Deception’

Phishing for Phools: The Economics of Manipulation and Deception

by George A. Akerlof and Robert J. Shiller

A Puzzling Heroine of German Literature

The Country Road: Stories

by Regina Ullmann, translated from the German by Kurt Beals

Why the Water Is Running Out

The Fabric of Space: Water, Modernity, and the Urban Imagination

by Matthew Gandy

Water 4.0: The Past, Present, and Future of the World’s Most Vital Resource

by David Sedlak

Auden: Cranky, Cautious, Brilliant

The Complete Works of W.H. Auden: Prose, Volume V, 1963–1968

edited by Edward Mendelson

The Complete Works of W.H. Auden: Prose, Volume VI, 1969–1973

edited by Edward Mendelson

The Strangely Conservative French

How the French Think: An Affectionate Portrait of an Intellectual People

by Sudhir Hazareesingh

Were Top American Leaders…Royalists?

The Royalist Revolution: Monarchy and the American Founding

by Eric Nelson

The Brother of the ‘Stranger’

The Meursault Investigation

by Kamel Daoud, translated from the French by John Cullen

The Violent Mysteries of Indonesia

Beauty Is a Wound

by Eka Kurniawan, translated from the Indonesian by Annie Tucker

The Act of Killing

a film directed by Joshua Oppenheimer

The Look of Silence

a film directed by Joshua Oppenheimer

A Conspiratorial Theory of the Renaissance

Must We Divide History into Periods?

by Jacques Le Goff, translated from the French by M.B. DeBevoise

The Ugly Renaissance: Sex, Greed, Violence and Depravity in an Age of Beauty

by Alexander Lee

The Real India

The Lives of Others

by Neel Mukherjee

The Greening Genius of Thomas Browne

Sir Thomas Browne: A Life

by Reid Barbour

In Search of Sir Thomas Browne: The Life and Afterlife of the Seventeenth Century’s Most Inquiring Mind

by Hugh Aldersey-Williams

Thomas Browne

edited by Kevin Killeen

Religio Medici and Urne-Buriall

by Sir Thomas Browne, edited and with an introduction by Stephen Greenblatt and Ramie Targoff

The Vanishing Europe of Jürgen Habermas

The Lure of Technocracy

by Jürgen Habermas, translated from the German by Ciaran Cronin

The Ultimate Reader


by Alberto Manguel

How They Failed to Block the Iran Deal

When the agreement with Iran collided with the current state of American politics

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