The Curse

Up From the Pedestal edited by Aileen S. Kraditor

Thinking About Women by Mary Ellmann

Born Female by Caroline Bird and Sara Welles Briller

A Mao for All Seasons

Revolutionary Immortality: Mao Tse-tung and the Chinese Cultural Revolution by Robert Jay Lifton

The Red Book and The Great Wall by Alberto Moravia

Communism and China: Ideology in Flux by Benjamin Schwartz

Red Star Over China (revised edition) by Edgar Snow

Selected Readings from the Works of Mao Tse-tung Printed by Foreign Languages Press, Peking

A Very Special Case

Jonathan Swift, A Critical Biography by John Middleton Murry

Swift, The Man, His Works, and the Age. Volume Two: Dr. Swift by Irvin Ehrenpreis

Jonathan Swift by Nigel Dennis

Protean Shape: A Study in 18th. Century Vocabulary and Usage by Susie I. Tucker

Savvy Savant

La révolution introuvable: Reflexions sur la revolution de mai en toute liberté by Raymond Aron

That War Again

The Origins and Legacies of World War I by D.F. Fleming

The United States and the League of Nations: 1918-1920 by D.F. Fleming

The United States and World Organization: 1920-1933 by D.F. Fleming

A Special Supplement: The Development of Wittgenstein’s Philosophy

Introduction to Wittgenstein’s Tractatus by G.E.M. Anscombe

Companion to Wittgenstein’s Tractatus by Max Black

Philosophische Bemerkungen by Ludwig Wittgenstein

Letters from Ludwig Wittgenstein with a Memoir by Paul Engelmann translated by L. Furtmüller

Wittgenstein: The Philosophical Investigations: A Collection of Critical Essays edited by George Pitcher

Remarks on the Foundation of Mathematics by Ludwig Wittgenstein, translated by E. Anscombe

Lectures and Conversations on Aesthetics, Psychology, and Religious Belief [including the Conversations on Freud] by Ludwig Wittgenstein