The Mystery of the Libidinous Molecule

Life: The Unfinished Experiment by S.E. Luria

Animal Architecture by Karl von Frisch, with the collaboration of Otto von Frisch, translated by Lisbeth Gombrich

The Lives of a Cell: Notes of a Biology-Watcher by Lewis Thomas

Propaganda of the Victors

The Senate Watergate Report with an introduction by Daniel Schorr

The Great Cover-Up: Nixon and the Scandal of Watergate by Barry Sussman

The Palace Guard by Dan Rather and Gary Paul Gates

The Fall of a President by the staff of the Washington Post

Undercover: Memoirs of an American Secret Agent by E. Howard Hunt

No Final Victories by Lawrence O'Brien

Big Brother and the Holding Company: The World Behind Watergate edited by Steve Weissman, with introduction by Noam Chomsky

Fiction in Extremis

The Abbess of Crewe by Muriel Spark

The Connoisseur by Evan S. Connell Jr.

The Mystic Adventures of Roxie Stoner by Berry Morgan

Photography: The Beauty Treatment

William H. Fox Talbot: Inventor of the Negative-Positive Process by André Jammes

French Primitive Photography introduction by Minor White, commentaries by André Jammes and Robert Sobieszek

Paul Strand: A Retrospective Monograph, Vol. I, The Years 1915-1946; Vol. II, The Years 1950-1968 by Paul Strand

The Daybooks of Edward Weston, Vol. I, Mexico by Edward Weston

The Daybooks of Edward Weston, Vol. II, California by Edward Weston