Bormann’s Last Gasp

Aftermath: Martin Bormann and the Fourth Reich

by Ladislas Farago

Plain Sailing

The Discovery of the Sea

by J.H. Parry

England and the Discovery of America, 1481-1620

by David Beers Quinn

The European Discovery of America: The Southern Voyages 1492-1616

by Samuel Eliot Morison

Undreamed Shores: England's Wasted Empire in America

by Michael Foss

The Massacre of the Innocents

The Changing Nature of Man: Introduction to a Historical Psychology (Metabletica) John Holt)

by J.H. van den Berg, translated by H.F. Croes

Centuries of Childhood: A Social History of Family Life

by Philippe Ariès, translated by Robert Baldick

Parents and Children in History: The Psychology of Family Life in Early Modern France

by David Hunt

The History of Childhood

edited by Lloyd deMause

An International Episode

Love-Hate Relations: English and American Sensibilities

by Stephen Spender

Master of Arts

Words and Pictures: On the literal and the symbolic in the illustration of a text

by Meyer Schapiro

Israel and the Palestinians

Land of the Hart: Israelis, Arabs, the Territories and a Vision of the Future

by Arie Lova Eliav, translated by Judith Yalon

The Disinherited: Journal of a Palestinian Exile

by Fawaz Turki

Les Palestiniens du Silence

by Clara Halter

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