Lost China

The Face of China as Seen by Photographers and Travelers, 1860-1912 preface by L. Carrington Goodrich, commentary by Nigel Cameron

China in Old Photographs, 1860-1910 by Burton F. Beers

The Reasons Why

Why Is There No Socialism in the United States? by Werner Sombart, translated by Patricia M. Hocking and C.T. Husbands

Life Studies

The Three Worlds of Leonid by Leonid Berman, preface by Virgil Thomson, translated by Olivier Bernier

Terror in Freedonia

Cartel by Edward Jay Epstein

The Carlos Contract: A Novel of International Terrorism by David Atlee Phillips

Death of a Politician by Richard Condon

Smoke: Another Jimmy Carter Adventure by Alexander Cockburn and James Ridgeway