The Food Movement, Rising

Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front by Joel Salatin

All You Can Eat: How Hungry Is America? by Joel Berg

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

Terra Madre: Forging a New Global Network of Sustainable Food Communities by Carlo Petrini, with a foreword by Alice Waters

The Taste for Civilization: Food, Politics, and Civil Society by Janet A. Flammang

How to Understand the Dreyfus Affair

Why the Dreyfus Affair Matters by Louis Begley

For the Soul of France: Culture Wars in the Age of Dreyfus by Frederick Brown

Dreyfus: Politics, Emotion, and the Scandal of the Century by Ruth Harris

Who Was Charles Dickens?

Charles Dickens by Michael Slater

Charles Dickens: His Tragedy and Triumph by Edgar Johnson

Dickens and Women by Michael Slater

Dickens: A Biography by Fred Kaplan

Dickens by Peter Ackroyd

The Invisible Woman: The Story of Nelly Ternan and Charles Dickens by Claire Tomalin

The Life of Charles Dickens by John Forster

A Supreme Difference

American Original: The Life and Constitution of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia by Joan Biskupic

John Paul Stevens: An Independent Life by Bill Barnhart and Gene Schlickman

Not Rembrandt, But…

Jan Lievens: A Dutch Master Rediscovered a recent exhibition at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; the Milwaukee Art Museum; and the Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam

Was Washington ‘Mad for Glory’?

An Artist in Treason: The Extraordinary Double Life of General James Wilkinson by Andro Linklater

The Ascent of George Washington: The Hidden Political Genius of an American Icon by John Ferling


Hilton Als is a staff writer at The New Yorker and the coauthor, most recently, of Robert Gober: The Heart Is Not a Metaphor.
 (July 2016)

Peter Beinart is the author of The Crisis of Zionism. He is an Associate Professor at the City University of New York, Editor of OpenZion.Com at The Daily Beast, and a fellow at the New America Foundation. (September 2013)

Michael Dirda is a columnist for The Washington Post Book World. His most recent book is Browsings: A Year of Reading, Collecting, and Living with Books.
 (December 2016)

Freeman Dyson is Professor of Physics Emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. His most recent book is Dreams of Earth and Sky, a collection of his writing in these pages. (October 2016)

Robert Gildea is Professor of Modern History at Oxford University. His most recent book is Children of the Revolution: The French, 1799–1914. (June 2010)

Robert Gottlieb has been Editor in Chief of Simon and Schuster, Knopf, and The New Yorker. His most recent book is the memoir Avid Reader: A Life.
 (March 2017)

Sue Halpern is a regular contributor to The New York Review and a Scholar-in-Residence at Middlebury. Her latest book is A Dog Walks into a Nursing Home.
 (December 2016)

Adam Kirsch is the Director of the master’s program in Jewish Studies at Columbia. His most recent book is 
The ­People and the Books: 18 Classics of Jewish Literature.
 (February 2017)

Anthony Lewis, a former columnist for The New York Times, has twice won the Pulitzer Prize. His latest book is Freedom for the Thought That We Hate: A Biography of the First Amendment.

Jeff Madrick is the Director of the Bernard L. Schwartz Rediscovering Government Initiative at the Century Foundation and Editor of Challenge Magazine. He teaches at Lang College, the New School. His book Seven Bad Ideas: How Mainstream Economists Damaged America and the World was published last year.

 (May 2016)

Benjamin Moser is the author of Why This World: A Biography of Clarice Lispector and the editor of the new translations of Lispector’s works at New Directions. He is a columnist for the New York Times Book Review and is currently completing the authorized biography of Susan Sontag.

Geoffrey O’Brien is Editor in Chief of the Library of America. He is the author of The Phantom Empire and Stolen Glimpses, Captive Shadows: Writing on Film, 2002–2012, among other books. (April 2017)

William Pfaff’s latest book is The Irony of Manifest Destiny: The Tragedy of America’s Foreign Policy.
 (June 2013)

Michael Pollan is the John S. and James L. Knight Professor of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food, and, most recently, Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual.
 (June 2010)

José Manuel Prieto is a novelist and translator. His latest novel is Rex. (May 2011)

Gordon Wood is the Alva O. Way University Professor Emeritus at Brown. His most recent publication is the two-volume edition The American Revolution: Writings from the Pamphlet ­Debate, 1764–1776. (December 2016)