God of a lack of abundance, wanting, bone strength, ready god,
among the lemon groves your presence
is disputed. Even after
they are picked, the fruits keep breathing.
Description comes so easily in this interpreted world.
Please find
another way to pose your questions.

God of a lack of abundance,
ablative god, in the middle of a procession, in the middle of things god,
your desires are showing.
Jade dust in the hair of those who quarry rough slabs of jade
is not the definition of plenty.
What then is too much, when a sleight of the rational names plenty
as recursion in thickets, absent blaring data
and the insects vanish.

God of a lack of abundance,
what kind of fight does the sea god put up?
In rows & rows the consorts watch.
Beneath the surface, the sea
is breathless, they say; first engraver, still wealthy as war
even as the rivers and straits overflow, is choking.
And under your reign
they say, dependent god,
a large, limited number of lives will become performing symptoms.

God of a lack of abundance, cold-blooded, ascendant,
how do the animals treat you, god?