It was there since the beginning:
                                                           the white rope, eye splice
                                        uniting us
                                                           between two bodies
                                  we were sewn
                                                           by a single
                                                           fratricidal heart
                                             one tree
                                             we split
                                                           I dreamed rebellion
                   (to pare the pair of us)
                                                           our parallel lives
                                                           a double-barreled shotgun
  I had to free myself from you   me
                                                           in the mirror
                                                           I held your face
                                          in my eye
                                   like a hostage
                                             we lived
                                                           together as strangers for years
                                                           side by side
                                           in school
                                                           shoulder to shoulder
                        in the grocery store
                              on the escalator
                                                           our shadow monstrous
                                                           beneath the streetlight
                                          until now
             I see my face in your fear
                                                           brother, between us
                                                           there’s a bridge
                                     where I wait
                                                           across a wide
                                            of rivers
                                                           that carries us
                                                           in the tumult