Ange Mlinko is an Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Florida. Her fifth book of poems is Distant Mandate.
 (January 2019)


Holding It Together

Hey, Marfa

by Jeffrey Yang, with paintings and drawings by Rackstraw Downes

Baby, I Don’t Care

by Chelsey Minnis
Is free verse dead? It has been obvious for some time that the unrhymed, unmetered, anecdotal, or monological personal utterance, distinguished by something known as “voice” (as in “finding your voice”) has gone stale; that some esteemed lyric poets, like Terrance Hayes or Natasha Trethewey, have turned back to time-honored …

A Midsummer Night’s Work

Was it you, presenting in the evening bougainvillea as a hummingbird again, you voluptuary, dual febrile wings ashine as a seamstress’s spool, hovering over the brachts with power tools to fix a beam or caulk the cracks? …

Whole Earth Troubadour

W.S. Merwin in the palm forest at the Merwin Conservancy, Haiku, Hawaii, 2011

The Essential W.S. Merwin

edited by Michael Wiegers

Garden Time

by W.S. Merwin
Last summer I had one of those happy experiences in the life of a reader: I found the perfect book for my purposes. Those purposes were vague, and I found the book by accident, but it was the book that put everything into focus. I was going to Tuscany for …