Robert G. Kaiser

Robert G. Kaiser is a former Managing Editor and ­Associate Editor at The Washington Post, for which he reported from ­Vietnam, the Soviet Union, and Washington. His most recent book is Act of Congress: How America’s Essential Institution Works, and How It Doesn’t. (February 2020)

Fear and Loathing and the FBI

Fear and Loathing and the FBI

Deep State: Trump, the FBI, and the Rule of Law

by James B. Stewart

Crossfire Hurricane: Inside Donald Trump’s War on the FBI

by Josh Campbell

Disrupt, Discredit, and Divide: How the New FBI Damages Democracy

by Mike German

February 27, 2020 issue

The Disaster of Richard Nixon

The Disaster of Richard Nixon

He seems destined to remain an object of fascination, amazement, scorn, and disgust

Being Nixon: A Man Divided

by Evan Thomas

Fatal Politics: The Nixon Tapes, the Vietnam War, and the Casualties of Reelection

by Ken Hughes

Nixon’s Nuclear Specter: The Secret Alert of 1969, Madman Diplomacy, and the Vietnam War

by William Burr and Jeffrey P. Kimball

One Man Against the World: The Tragedy of Richard Nixon

by Tim Weiner

April 21, 2016 issue

Our Conservative, Criminal Politicians

Our Conservative, Criminal Politicians

The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan

by Rick Perlstein

The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew It

by John W. Dean

November 6, 2014 issue

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