Selma, Alabama: The Charms of Goodness

“How do they see themselves, we wonder, these posse-men, Sheriff Clark’s volunteers, with their guns and sticks and helmets, nearly always squat, fairfaced, middle-aged delinquents and psychopaths?”

Vietnam: An Exercise in Self-Delusion

The New Face of War

by Malcolm W. Browne

The Making of a Quagmire

by David Halberstam

How Dead is Arnold Schoenberg?

Arnold Schoenberg Letters

selected and edited by Irwin Stein

The Genius of Isaac Bashevis Singer

Satan In Goray

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

The Family Moskat

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

The Magician of Lublin

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

The Slave

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Gimpel The Fool

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

The Spinoza of Market Street:

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Short Friday

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

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Deep Frye

A Natural Perspective: The Development of Shakespearean Comedy and Romance

by Northrop Frye

The Physicist as Philosopher

Essays 1958-1962 on Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge

by Niels Bohr

My View of the World

by Erwin Schrödinger

The Relevance of Science

by C.F. von Weizsäcker

New Fiction

The Orgy

by Muriel Rukeyser

On the Darkening Green

by Jerome Charyn

The Father and Other Stories

by R.V. Cassill

The Rich Pay Late

by Simon Raven

The Day the Call Came

by Thomas Hinde

Revaluations: John Dewey’s Darwinism

The Influence of Darwin on Philosophy and Other Essays in Contemporary Thought

by John Dewey

The Rioting Crowd

The Crowd in History, 1730-1848

by George Rudé

This Was Not Yvette

That Was Yvette: The Biography of the Great Diseuse

by Bettina Knapp and Myra Chipman

East is East

Asia in the Making of Europe (Volumes I & II)

by Donald F. Lach

Novels, Italian Style

The Smile on the Face of the Lion

by P.M. Pasinetti

My Troubles Began

by Paolo Volponi

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