Illegal Sex

Sex Offenders: An Analysis of Types

by Paul H. Gebhard and John H. Gagnon and Wardell B. Pomeroy and Cornelia V. Christenson and Paul B. Hoeber

How Many More Victims

by Gladys Denny Shultz

Dry Dreams

Letters to Anais Nin

by Henry Miller


by Henry Miller


by Henry Miller


by Henry Miller

The World of Sex

by Henry Miller

Quiet Days in Clichy

by Henry Miller

Henry Miller on Writing

edited by Thomas H. Moore

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The Collector

Mrs. Jack

by Louise Hall Tharp


Dark Ghetto

by Kenneth Clark

Adam Clayton Powell and the Politics of Race

by Neil Hickey and Ed Edwin


The James Bond Dossier

by Kingsley Amis

The Man With the Golden Gun

by Ian Fleming

Enfant Terrible

The Exile of Capri

by Roger Peyrefitte, translated by Peter Fryer

The Prince's Person

by Roger Peyrefitte, translated by Peter Fryer

Good and Bad History

Ancient Mesopotamia

by A. Leo Oppenheim

Daily Life in Greece at the Time of Pericles

by Robert Flacelière, translated by Peter Green

It Happened in Lyubimov

The Makepeace Experiment

by Abram Tertz, translated by Manya Harari

India in Trouble

The Anguish of India

by Ronald Segal

India’s Ex-Untouchables

by Harold R. Isaacs

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