The Twenties: From Notebooks and Diaries of the Period

by Edmund Wilson, edited with an introduction by Leon Edel

Good Henry & Bad Henry

The Kissinger Experience: American Policy in the Middle East

by Gil Carl AlRoy

A Sort of Pilgrim

The Evening Colonnade

by Cyril Connolly

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

Thomas Mann Symposium

by Claude Hill chairman

Katia Mann: Unwritten Memoirs

by Katia Mann, edited by Elizabeth von Plessen and Michael Mann

The Hesse/Mann Letters: The Correspondence of Herman Hesse and Thomas Mann, 1910-1955

edited by Anni Carlsson and Volker Michels, translated by Ralph Manheim

Mythology and Humanism: The Correspondence of Thomas Mann and Karl Kerényi

translated by Alexander Gelley

An Exceptional Friendship: The Correspondence of Thomas Mann and Erich Kahler

translated by Richard Winston and Clara Winston

The Power of Smokey


by Richard Adams

Goriot in Tokyo

The Japanese film, Donald Richie wrote a few years ago, offers “the most perfect reflection of a people in the history of world cinema.”

Voices From the Japanese Cinema

by Joan Mellen

Ozu: His Life and Films

by Donald Richie

The Voice of the Underdog

A Rhetoric of Irony

by Wayne C. Booth

Spreading Hegel’s Wings—II


by Raymond Plant

Hegel's Political Philosophy

edited by Walter Kaufmann

Hegel's Political Philosophy: Problems and Perspectives

edited by Z.A. Pelczynski

Hegel's Philosophy of History

by Burleigh Taylor Wilkins

Hegel's Theory of the Modern State

by Shlomo Avineri

Introduction to the Reading of Hegel

by Alexandre Kojève, edited by Allan Bloom, translated by James H. Nichols Jr.

The Young Hegelians

by William J. Brazill

The American Hegelians: An Intellectual Episode in the History of Western America

by William H. Goetzmann

From Marx to Hegel

by George Lichtheim

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What Shelley Knew

Shelley: The Pursuit

by Richard Holmes

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