Save the Whales!

Mind in the Waters assembled by Joan McIntyre

The Whale: Mighty Monarch of the Sea by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Philippe Diolé, translated by J.F. Bernard

Dolphins by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Philippe Diolé, translated by J.F. Bernard

The Whale Problem: A Status Report edited by William E. Schevill

The Blue Whale by George L. Small

Marvelous Poet

Cavafy, a Critical Biography by Robert Liddell

C.P. Cavafy: Collected Poems translated by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard, edited by George Savidis

Revolutionary Women

Marx’s Daughters: Eleanor Marx, Rosa Luxemburg, Angelica Balabanoff by Ronald Florence

Five Sisters: Women Against the Tsar edited and translated by Barbara Alpern Engel and Clifford N. Rosenthal

Vulnerable Japan

Japan: The Fragile Superpower by Frank Gibney

Origins of the Modern Japanese State: Selected Writings of E.H. Norman edited by John W. Dower

A Political History of Japanese Capitalism by Jon Halliday

The Development of Japanese Business 1600-1973 by Johannes Hirschmeier and Tsunehiko Yui

Japanese Economic Growth by Kazushi Ohkawa and Henry Rosovsky

Iemoto: The Heart of Japan by Francis L.K. Hsu

The Japanese Economy in International Perspective edited by Isaiah Frank

Japan: Divided Politics in a Growth Economy by J.A.A. Stockwin


Bernard Avishai teaches political economy at Dartmouth College and business at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is the author of The Tragedy of Zionism, among other books. He was made a Guggenheim fellow in 1987.

Constantine Cavafy was born in Alexandria in 1863 and died there in 1933. He wrote most of his poems while employed in the Third Circle of Irrigation of the Ministry of Public Works. (June 2005)

Noam Chomsky is an Institute Professor and Professor Emeritus in the Department of Linguistics at MIT.

Rosemary Dinnage’s books include The Ruffian on the Stair, One to One: Experiences of Psychotherapy, and Annie Besant.

E. J. Hobsbawm (1917–2012) was a British historian. Born in Egypt, he was educated at Cambridge; he taught at Birkbeck College and The New School. His works include The Age of Extremes; Globalisation, Democracy and Terrorism; and On Empire.

Edmund Keeley is Charles Barnwell Straut Professor of English Emeritus at Princeton. His latest books are Borderlines: A Memoir and the novel Some Wine for Remembrance. (November 2007)

Aileen Kelly is a Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. Her books include Toward Another Shore: Russian Thinkers Between Necessity and Chance.

Robert Mazzocco (1932–2017) was an American poet and critic.

James Merrill (1926–1995) was an American poet whose major work The Changing Light at Sandover describes a series of spirit communications conducted over many years. He won the National Book Award from his collections Nights and Days and Mirabell: Books of Number.

V.S. Pritchett (1900–1997) was a British essayist, novelist and short story writer. He worked as a foreign correspondent for the The Christian Science Monitorand as a literary critic forNew Statesman. In 1968 Pritchett was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire; he was knighted in 1975. His body of work includes many collections of short stories, in addition to travelogues, reviews, literary biographies and novels.

William Shawcross is the author of several books on Cambodia. (December 1996)