An American Family


by Alex Haley

The Dostoevsky Labyrinth

Dostoevsky: The Seeds of Revolt

by Joseph Frank

Problems of Dostoevsky's Poetics

by Mikhail Bakhtin, translated by R. W. Rotsel

Dostoevsky and His Devils

by Václav Cerny, translated by F. W. Galan, with an afterword by Josef Skvorecky

The Virgin in History

Alone of All Her Sex: The Myth and the Cult of the Virgin Mary

by Marina Warner

The Virgin

by Geoffrey Ashe

‘Winnie’ and ‘Uncle Wolf’

Winifred Wagner

a film directed by Hans Jürgen Syberberg

The Wagner Family Albums

by Wolf Siegfried Wagner, translated by Susanne Flatauer

Richard Wagner in Bayreuth

by Hans Mayer, translated by Jack Zipes

Wagner: A Documentary Study

edited by Herbert Barth and Dietrich Mack and Egon Voss, translated by P.R.J. Ford and Mary Whittall

Artaud Possessed

Antonin Artaud: Selected Writings

edited, and with an introduction and Susan Sontag, translated by Helen Weaver

The Founders’ Virtues

The Challenge of the American Revolution

by Edmund S. Morgan

The Meaning of Independence: Adams, Washington and Jefferson

by Edmund S. Morgan

Adams and Jefferson: A Revolutionary Dialogue

by Merrill D. Peterson

The Character of John Adams

by Peter Shaw

The Life of George Washington

by Washington Irving, edited by Jess Stein

George Washington: A Biography

by Washington Irving, edited by Charles Neider

Jefferson: A Revealing Biography

by Page Smith

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Endangered Species

The Takeover

by Muriel Spark

Sleep It Off, Lady

by Jean Rhys

Lovers and Tyrants

by Francine du Plessix Gray

On the Pioneer Trail

Vico and Herder: Two Studies in the History of Ideas

by Isaiah Berlin

Where Chomsky Stands

Reflections on Language

by Noam Chomsky

On Noam Chomsky: Critical Essays

edited by Gilbert Harman

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