Light Touch

The Stories of John Cheever

by John Cheever

Brass Bands and Raspberries

In Search of History: A Personal Adventure

by Theodore H. White

Make-Believe Presidents: Illusions of Power from McKinley to Carter

by Nicholas von Hoffman

The Big C

Conquering Cancer

by Lucien Israël, translated by Joan Pinkham

Who Said No?

Resistance in Vichy France: A Study of Ideas and Motivation in the Southern Zone 1940-1942

by H.R. Kedward

Notes from Valhalla

Cosima Wagner's Diaries: Volume 1, 1869-1877

edited by Martin Gregor-Dellin and Dietrich Mack, translated with an introduction by Geoffrey Skelton

Ladies in Distress

Excellent Women

by Barbara Pym

Quartet in Autumn

by Barbara Pym

The Bad Sister

by Emma Tennant

Great Granny Webster

by Caroline Blackwood

The Lost Cause

Julian the Apostate

by G.W. Bowersock

A Founding Family

Chariot of Fire: Religion and the Beecher Family

by Marie Caskey

Henry Ward Beecher: Spokesman for a Middle-Class America

by Clifford E. Clark Jr.

While England Sleeps

The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister Volume III, Secretary of State for Social Services, 1968-1970

by Richard Crossman

On the Go

In Patagonia

by Bruce Chatwin

St. Mark on Broadway

St. Mark's Gospel

a solo performance by Alec McCowen

The Struggle for the Third World

The Future of the World Economy

by Wassily Leontief

The Evolution of the International Economic Order

by W. Arthur Lewis

Rich and Poor Nations in the World Economy

by Albert Fishlow and Carlos Díaz-Alejandro and Richard R. Fagen and Rogert D. Hansen

Short Reviews

A Just Measure of Pain: The Penitentiary in the Industrial Revolution 1750-1850

by Michael Ignatieff

Elusive Victory: The Arab-Israeli Wars, 1947-1974

by Trevor N. Dupuy

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