The Enigma of U.S. Grant

Grant: A Biography

by William S. McFeely


The Company of Women

by Mary Gordon

A Mixed Bane

Lawyers on Trial

by Philip M. Stern

No Access to Law: Alternatives to the American Judicial System

edited by Laura Nader


by Stuart M. Speiser

Laughter in the Dark

The Radiant Future

by Alexander Zinoviev, translated by Gordon Clough

Sans Illusions

by Alexander Zinoviev, translated by Wladimir Berelowitch

Mr. Possessed

Sergei Nechaev

by Philip Pomper

Thin Ice

Other People's Worlds

by William Trevor

The State of Ireland: Seventeen Stories and a Novella

by Benedict Kiely

In the Museum of Strangeness

The Autobiography of Surrealism

edited by Marcel Jean

From Enchantment to Rage: The Story of Surrealist Cinema

by Steven Kovács

The End of Philosophy?

Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature

by Richard Rorty

Was Peter All That Great?

Peter the Great: His Life and World

by Robert K. Massie

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