The Condemned

Slow Coming Dark: Interviews on Death Row

by Doug Magee

An Aesthete at War

Jardins et Routes, Diaries, Vol. I: 1939-1940

by Ernst Jünger

Premier Journal Parisien, Diaries, Vol. II: 1941-1943

by Ernst Jünger

Second Journal Parisien, Diaries, Vol. III: 1943-1945

by Ernst Jünger

The Storm of Steel (In Stahlgewittern) currently available in English.)

by Ernst Jünger, translated by B. Creighton

Sur les Falaises de Marbre (Auf den Marmorklippen) published in 1947 by introduction by

by Ernst Jünger, The English translation of On the Marble Cliffs was John Lehmann, again in 1970 as a Penguin Modern Classic, with an George Steiner

Ernst Jünger: A Writer of Our Time

by J.P. Stern

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‘Herrenvolk Democracy’

White Supremacy: A Comparative Study in American and South African History

by George M. Fredrickson

Growing Up Nazi

Ghost Waltz

by Ingeborg Day

A Model Childhood

by Christa Wolf

Devil’s Brew

The Egghead Republic: A Short Novel from the Horse Latitudes

by Arno Schmidt, translated by Michael Horovitz, edited by Ernst Krawehl, edited by Marion Boyars

Evening Edged in Gold

by Arno Schmidt, translated by John E. Woods

The Doge’s Secrets

The Pope, His Banker, and Venice

by Felix Gilbert


The Wayward and the Seeking: A Collection of Writings by Jean Toomer

edited by Darwin T. Turner

Stands to Reason

Mortal Questions

by Thomas Nagel

Golden Gaits

Laughing in the Hills

by Bill Barich

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