Dissent on Douglas

Independent Journey: The Life of William O.Douglas

by James F. Simon

The Court Years, 1939 to 1975: The Autobiography of William O. Douglas

by William O. Douglas

The Curse of the Guthries

Woody Guthrie: A Life

by Joe Klein

Bound for Glory

by Woody Guthrie

"Woody Guthrie, The Library of Congress Recordings"

recorded by Alan Lomax

Secret Sharer

Ways of Escape

by Graham Greene

Do Israel’s Arabs Have a Future?

The Palestinians in Israel: A Study in Internal Colonialism

by Elia T. Zureik

Arab Education in Israel

by Sami Khalil Mar'i

Arabs in the Jewish State: Israel's Control of a National Minority

by Ian Lustick

Beyond the Gunsights: One Arab Family in the Promised Land

by Yoella Har-Shefi

Embers of Guilt

Why, if Christianity and Japanese culture are so hopelessly at odds, did Shusaku Endo devote a very active career to exploring the hopelessness of it all?

The Sea and Poison (Umi to Dokuyaku, 1958)

translated by Michael Galagher

Wonderful Fool (Obaka San, 1959)

translated by Francis Mathy

Volcano (Kazan, 1959)

translated by Richard A. Schuchert

Silence (Chinmoku, 1966)

translated by William Johnston

The Golden Country (Ogon no Kuni, 1966)

translated by Francis Mathy

A Life of Jesus (Iesu no Shogai, 1973)

translated by Richard Schuchert

When I Whistle (Kuchibue o fuku toki, 1974)

translated by Van C. Gessel

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The Health Crisis in the USSR

Rising Infant Mortality in the USSR in the 1970s

by Christopher Davis and Murray Feshbach

A Room of Her Own

Women Writers and Poetic Identity: Dorothy Wordsworth, Emily Brontë, and Emily Dickinson

by Margaret Homans

Back to Evolution

The Panda's Thumb: More Reflections in Natural History

by Stephen Jay Gould

The Evolutionary Synthesis: Perspectives on the Unification of Biology

edited by Ernst Mayr, edited by William Provine

No Place for Heroes

A Lesson From Aloes

by Athol Fugard. at the Playhouse Theatre, New York City


by Athol Fugard

A Radical Field Marshal

The Survival of the Habsburg Empire: Radetzky, the Imperial Army, and the Class War, 1848

by Alan Sked

In the Cards

The Game of Tarot from Ferrara to Salt Lake City

by Michael Dummett

Twelve Tarot Games

by Michael Dummett

The Spanish Style

The Centralist Tradition of Latin America

by Claudio Véliz

Public Policy in a No-Party State: Spanish Planning and Budgeting in the Twilight of the Franquist Era

by Richard Gunther

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