God’s Greene

The Captain and the Enemy

by Graham Greene

Graham Greene

by Neil McEwan

A Reader's Guide to Graham Greene

by Paul O'Prey

Greeks, Romans, Jews & Others

Corruption and the Decline of Rome

by Ramsay MacMullen

Greeks, Romans and Barbarians: Spheres of Interaction

by Barry Cunliffe

The Jews in the Greek Age

by Elias J. Bickerman

Keeping up with the New China

Discos and Democracy: China in the Throes of Reform

by Orville Schell

Seeds of Fire: Chinese Voices of Conscience

edited by Geremie Barmé, edited by John Minford

Peking Story: The Last Days of Old China

by David Kidd

Behind the Wall: A Journey Through China

by Colin Thubron

Fun City

Budapest 1900: A Historical Portrait of a City and Its Culture

by John Lukacs

Beauty in Numbers

Mathematics: The New Golden Age

by Keith Devlin

Labyrinths of Reason: Paradox, Puzzles, and the Frailty of Knowledge

by William Poundstone

Sticking It Out

The Long-Distance Runner: An Autobiography

by Michael Harrington

The Courage of Stephen Crane

Stephen Crane: Prose and Poetry

edited by J.C. Levenson

The Correspondence of Stephen Crane

edited by Stanley Wertheim, edited by Paul Sorrentino

Alibi Alley

Fiction in the Archives: Pardon Tales and Their Tellers in Sixteenth-Century France

by Natalie Zemon Davis

Can the US Remain Number One?

The Weary Titan: Britain and the Experience of Relative Decline, 1895–1905

by Aaron L. Friedberg

The Future of American Strategy

by David C. Hendrickson

Thinking About America: The United States in the 1990s

edited by Annelise Anderson, edited by Dennis L. Bark

Preventing World War III: A Realistic Grand Strategy

by David M. Abshire

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