Poet of the Great Massacre

Poems of Paul Celan

translated and with an introduction by Michael Hamburger

A La Recherche … …de Proust

Marcel Proust: Selected Letters Volume Two, 1904–1909

edited by Philip Kolb, translated and with an introduction by Terence Kilmartin

Marcel Proust: A Biography

by George D. Painter

The Ultimate Scandal

Inside Job: The Looting of America's Savings and Loans

by Stephen Pizzo and Mary Fricker and Paul Muolo

Other People's Money: The Inside Story of the S&L Mess

by Paul Zane Pilzer, with Robert Dietz

The Big Fix: Inside the S&L Scandal

by James Ring Adams

Shylock Without Usury

Shylock Reconsidered: Jews, Moneylending, and Medieval Society

by Joseph Shatzmiller

God and the Moneylenders: Usury and Law in Early Modern England

by Norman Jones

The Merchant of Venice

a play by William Shakespeare, directed by Peter Hall

Down on the Farm

From Foraging to Agriculture: The Levant at the End of the Ice Age

by Donald O. Henry

A New, New Reich?

A History of West Germany Volume 1: From Shadow to Substance, 1945–1963; Volume 2: Democracy and Its Discontents, 1963–1988

by Dennis L. Bark and David R. Gress

The Federal Republic of Germany at Forty

edited by Peter H. Merkl

Germany, America, Europe: Forty Years of German Foreign Policy

by Wolfram F. Hanrieder

Die Erinnerungen

by Franz Josef Strauss

Men and Powers: A Political Retrospective

by Helmut Schmidt, translated by Ruth Hein

La Nation orpheline: Les Allemagnes en Europe

by Anne-Marie Le Gloannec

The Germans: Rich, Bothered and Divided the fall)

by David Marsh

A German Identity, 1770–1990

by Harold James

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Love Story

Ackerley: The Life of J.R. Ackerley

by Peter Parker

Freud’s Favorite Paranoiac

Schreber: Father and Son

by Han Israëls

Roman Grand Guignol

Lucan's 'Civil War'

translated into English verse by P.F. Widdows

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