What the Jameses Knew

The Jameses: A Family Narrative

by R.W.B. Lewis

Henry James and Revision

by Philip Horne

Meaning in Henry James

by Millicent Bell

The Sweetest Impression of Life: The James Family and Italy

edited by James W. Tuttleton, edited by Agostino Lombardo

When It’s Rational to be Irrational

The Cement of Society: A Study of Social Order

by Jon Elster

Nuts and Bolts for the Social Sciences

by Jon Elster

Solomonic Judgments: Studies in the Limitations of Rationality

by Jon Elster

Law & Disorder in Los Angeles

Report of the Independent Commission on the Los Angeles Police Department

by the Independent Commission on the Los Angeles Police Department

'Daryl Gates: A Portrait of Frustration'

by Bella Stumbo

Darwinian Psychobiography

Charles Darwin: A New Life

by John Bowlby

Good Intentions


by Norman Rush

Brazzaville Beach

by William Boyd

The South Against Itself

The Road to Disunion: Vol. I: Secessionists at Bay, 1776–1854

by William W. Freehling

Down & Out in Paris & London

Jean Rhys: Life and Work

by Carole Angier

Reconsidering Vietnam

Vietnam: Citizens Detained for Peaceful Expression

A Vietnam Reader

by Walter Capps

The Dynamics of Defeat: The Vietnam War in Hau Nghia Province

by Eric M. Bergerud

Strange Ground: An Oral History of Americans in Vietnam, 1945–1975

by Harry Maurer

The Vietnam Wars: 1945––1990

by Marilyn B. Young

War by Other Means: National Liberation and Revolution in Viet-Nam 1954–60

by Carlyle A. Thayer

Vietnam at War: The History: 1946–1975

by Phillip B. Davidson

Romancing Vietnam: Inside the Boat Country

by Justin Wintle

Remembering Heaven's Face: A Moral Witness in Vietnam

by John Balaban

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