In No Uncertain Terms: A South African Memoir

by Helen Suzman, foreword by Nelson Mandela

Return to Paradise

by Breyten Breytenbach

Yes, Minister

The Downing Street Years

by Margaret Thatcher

The Wild Child

Remembering Babylon

by David Malouf

On the Eve

Figures in a Red Landscape

by Pilar Bonet, translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni and Susan Ashe

The Rise of Russia and the Fall of the Soviet Empire

by John B. Dunlop

The Struggle for Russia: Power and Change in the Democratic Revolution

by Ruslan Khasbulatov, edited by Richard Sakwa

The Morphology of Russian Mentality: A Philosophical Inquiry into Conservatism and Pragmatism

by Vladimir A. Zviglyanich

The Mayakovsky of MacDougal Street

City Poet: The Life and Times of Frank O'Hara

by Brad Gooch


Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang

by Joyce Carol Oates

Power to the People?

The Debate on the Constitution: Federalist and Antifederalist Speeches, Articles, and Letters During the Struggle over Ratification

edited by Bernard Bailyn

An American Prodigy

Charles Sanders Peirce: A Life

by Joseph Brent

The Agonies of Success

Mark Rothko: A Biography

by James E.B. Breslin

The Lost Art

Cartesian Women: Versions and Subversions of Rational Discourse in the Old Regime

by Erica Harth

Watteau's Painted Conversations: Art, Literature, and Talk in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century France

by Mary Vidal

The Fall of the Prophet

Aristide: An Autobiography

by Jean-Bertrand Aristide, with Christophe Wargny, translated by Linda M. Maloney

In the Parish of the Poor: Writings From Haiti

by Jean-Bertrand Aristide, translated and edited by Amy Wilentz

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