The Scandal of the Classics

Oeuvres Complètes, Volume 5: Ecrits sur la musique, la langue et le théâtre by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The Anatomy of Melancholy, Volumes I–III by Robert Burton

Oeuvres, Volume 2 by Marquis de Sade

Sämtliche Werke, Band 7/I and 7/II by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Werke, Band 3: Politische Schriften by Bettina von Arnim

Worth a Thousand Words?

The Gazer’s Spirit: Poems Speaking to Silent Works of Art by John Hollander

On the Laws of the Poetic Art (The A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, 1992) Bollingen Series XXXV: 41 by Anthony Hecht

The Secrets of Maillol

Fondation Dina Vierny, Musée Maillol 59-61 Rue de Grenelle, Paris (inaugurated January 1995). Catalog of the museum

Aristide Maillol an exhibition at the Georg-Kolbe-Museum, Berlin, January 14–May 5, 1996; continuing on to Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, May 15–September 22; Gerhard-Marcks-Haus, Bremen, October 6–January 13, 1997; and Stadtische Kunsthalle, Ma edited by Ursel Berger, edited by Jörg Zutter

Aristide Maillol by Bertrand Lorquin


Theodore H. Draper (1912–2006) was an American historian. Educated at City College, he wrote influential studies of the American Communist Party, the Cuban Revolution and the Iran-Contra Affair. Draper was a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the 1990 recipient of the Herbert Feis Award from the American Historical Association.

James Fenton is a British poet and literary critic. From 1994 until 1999, he was Oxford Professor of Poetry; in 2015 he was awarded the PEN Pinter Prize. He is the author of School of Genius: A History of the Royal Academy of Arts and, most recently, Yellow Tulips: Poems, 1968–2011. (May 2020)

P. N. Furbank is the author of nine books, including biographies of Samuel Butler, Italo Svevo, and E.M. Forster.

Murray Kempton (1917-1997) was a columnist for Newsday, as well as a regular contributor to The New York Review of Books. His books include Rebellions, Perversities, and Main Events and The Briar Patch, as well as Part of Our Time. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1985.

David Lodge is a novelist and critic and Emeritus Professor of English Literature at the University of Birmingham, England. His novels include Changing Places, Small World, Nice Work, and A Man of Parts. His most recent works of criticism are Consciousness and the Novel and The Year of Henry James.

Avishai Margalit is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His most recent book is On Betrayal.
 (May 2019)

Charles Rosen was a pianist and music critic. In 2011 he was awarded a National Humanities Medal.

David J. Rothman is Bernard Schoenberg Professor of Social Medicine and History at the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and president of the Institute on Medicine as a Professor.

Helen Vendler is the Arthur Kingsley Porter University Professor Emerita in the Department of English at Harvard. Her latest book is The Ocean, the Bird, and the Scholar, a collection of essays. (December 2019)

Michael Wood is Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature at Princeton. His most recent book is On Empson.

Bertram Wyatt-Brown was the Richard J. Milbauer Professor of History at the University of Florida and author of numerous books, including The Shaping of Southern Culture: Honor, Grace, and War and Hearts of Darkness: Wellsprings of a Southern Literary Tradition.