Unlikely Hero

Romancing: The Life and Work of Henry Green by Jeremy Treglown

Blindness by Henry Green

Pack My Bag: A Self-Portrait by Henry Green

Caught by Henry Green

Concluding by Henry Green

Nothing by Henry Green

Doting by Henry Green

The Visit

A Society Without Fathers or Husbands: The Na of China by Cai Hua, translated from the French by Asti Hustvedt

Saving Us from Darwin, Part II

The Faith of Biology and the Biology of Faith: Order, Meaning, and Free Will in Modern Medical Science by Robert Pollack

God After Darwin: A Theology of Evolution by John F. Haught

Can a Darwinian Be a Christian? The Relationship Between Science and Religion by Michael Ruse

Finding Darwin’s God: A Scientist’s Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution by Kenneth R. Miller

Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life by Stephen Jay Gould

Berlusconi’s Way

L’odore dei soldi (The Smell of Money) by Marco Travaglio

Social Identities and Political Cultures in Italy: Catholic, Communist and Leghist Communities Between Civicness and Localism by Anna Cento Bull

L’Italia che ho in mente (The Italy I Have in Mind) by Silvio Berlusconi

Italian Politics 1998: The Return of Politics edited by David Hine and Salvatore Vassallo

Italian Politics 1999: The Faltering Transition edited by Mark Gilbert and Gianfranco Pasquino


Anne Applebaum is a staff writer for The Atlantic. Her new book, Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism, will be published in July. (March 2020)

Isaiah Berlin (1909–1997) was a philosopher and historian of ideas who held the Chichele Professorship of Social and Political Theory at Oxford. The final volume of his correspondence, Affirming: Letters 1975–1997, was published in December 2015.

Paul Berman is the author of A Tale of Two Utopias: The Political Journey of the Generation of 1968. (October 2001)

Frederick C. Crews’s new book, Freud: The Making of an Illusion, will be published in the fall.
 (February 2017)

Amos Elon (1926–2009) was an Israeli journalist. His final book was The Pity of It All: A Portrait of Jews In Germany 1743 – 1933.

Clifford Geertz (1926–2006) was an anthropologist. Widely recognized as the most influential American anthropologist of the twentieth century, Geertz championed the role of symbols in the creation and interpretation of social meaning. His many books include Peddlers and Princes: Social Development and Economic Change in Two Indonesian Towns and Available Light: Anthropological Reflections on Philosophical Topics.

Anthony Hecht’sCollected Later Poems and Melodies Unheard: Essays on the Mysteries of Poetry were published in 2003. He died on October 20. (December 2004)

Stephen Kinzer, a former New York Times bureau chief in Nica­ragua, is a visiting fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown. His new book is The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War. (December 2013)

Louis Menand is the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of English at Harvard. His books include The Marketplace of Ideas, American Studies and The Metaphysical Club.

Jonathan Mirsky is a historian of China. He was formerly the East Asia Editor of The Times of London and China Correspondent for The Observer.
 (December 2016)

Pankaj Mishra lives in London and India. His books include From the Ruins of Empire: The Revolt Against the West and the Remaking of Asia and Age of Anger: A History of the Present. (July 2019)

Andrew O’Hagan is the author, most recently, of The Secret Life: Three True Stories of the Digital Age and the novel The Illuminations. (November 2019)

Tim Parks is the author of many novels, translations, and works of nonfiction, most recently Out of My Head: On the Trail of Consciousness and the novel In Extremis.
 (March 2020)

Oliver Sacks (1933–2015) was a physician and the author of over ten books, the most recent of which is On the Move: A Life.

Ronald Steel is Professor of International Relations at the University of Southern California, a recent fellow at the American Academy in Berlin, and the author of biographies of Walter Lippmann and Robert Kennedy.

Philip C. Wilcox Jr. is a retired US Foreign Service Officer who served from 1994 to 1997 as Ambassador at Large and Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism in the Department of State.