The Tragedy of Lumumba

The Assassination of Lumumba

by Ludo De Witte, translated from the Dutch by Ann Wright and Renée Fenby

Face to Face with Seurat

Seurat: Drawings and Paintings

by Robert L. Herbert

The Crack-Up

The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression

by Andrew Solomon

Where the Roots Reach for Water: A Personal and Natural History of Melancholia

by Jeffery Smith

The Nature of Melancholy: From Aristotle to Kristeva

edited by Jennifer Radden

Judgment Day

A Trial by Jury

by D. Graham Burnett

A Cold Case

by Philip Gourevitch

The Unknown Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton: Collected Stories, 1891–1910

selected and with notes by Maureen Howard

Edith Wharton: Collected Stories, 1911–1937

selected and with notes by Maureen Howard

Saving Us from Darwin

The Wedge of Truth: Splitting the Foundations of Naturalism

by Phillip E. Johnson

Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth? Why Much of What We Teach About Evolution Is Wrong

by Jonathan Wells

Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution

by Michael J. Behe

Mere Creation: Science, Faith and Intelligent Design

edited by William A. Dembski

Intelligent Design: The Bridge Between Science and Theology

by William A. Dembski

Tower of Babel: The Evidence Against the New Creationism

by Robert T. Pennock

Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution

by Kenneth R. Miller

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Harold Pinter’s Celebration

Harold Pinter Festival

presented by the Lincoln Center Festival 2001

The Spaces Between the Words: A Tribute to Harold Pinter

presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center

The Room

by Harold Pinter

The Homecoming

by Harold Pinter


by Harold Pinter


by Harold Pinter

A Kind of Alaska

by Harold Pinter

One for the Road

by Harold Pinter

Mountain Language

by Harold Pinter

Ashes to Ashes

by Harold Pinter


by Harold Pinter

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Russia: Was There a Better Way?

The Tragedy of Russia's Reforms: Market Bolshevism Against Democracy

by Peter Reddaway and Dmitri Glinski

Puppet Show


by Salman Rushdie

Fathers and Sons

The Crisis of Reason: European Thought, 1848–1914

by J.W. Burrow

Pretty in the Sunlight


by Larry McMurtry

Witness to Fascism

Journal, 1935–1944

by Mihail Sebastian,translated from the Romanian by Patrick Camiller, with an introduction by Radu Ioanid

‘A Modern Socrates’

Peiresc's Europe: Learning and Virtue in the Seventeenth Century

by Peter N. Miller

The Man Who Set the Clock Back

The Map that Changed the World: William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology

by Simon Winchester

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