Beyond Real

Max Ernst: A Retrospective

Catalog of the exhibition edited by Werner Spies and Sabine Rewald

Ghost Ships: A Surrealist Love Triangle

by Robert McNab, with a preface by Werner Spies

Surrealism USA

Catalog of the exhibitionedited by Isabelle Dervaux

A Cautionary Tale for Americans

The Bullet's Song: Romantic Violence and Utopia

by William Pfaff

A Day in the Life


by Ian McEwan

A Mind of His Own

John Kenneth Galbraith: His Life, His Politics, His Economics

by Richard Parker

In the Thick of Things

Malraux: A Life

by Olivier Todd, translated from the French by Joseph West

André Malraux: A Biography

by Curtis Cate

Signed, Malraux

by Jean-François Lyotard,translated from the French by Robert Harvey

Communism and the French Intellectuals, 1914–1960

by David Caute

Writers on the Left: Episodes in American Literary Communism

by Daniel Aaron

Paris Journal, 1944–1965

by Janet Flanner (Genêt), edited by William Shawn

L'État culturel: Une religion moderne (The Culture State: Essay on a Modern Religion)

by Marc Fumaroli

Mona Lisa's Escort: André Malraux and the Reinvention of French Culture

by Herman Lebovics

The God That Failed

edited by R.H.S. Crossman

Malraux and Corniglion-Molinier in Search of Sheba: An Arabian Adventure

by Walter G. Langlois

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Victims on Broadway

The Glass Menagerie

by Tennessee Williams, directed by David Leveaux

Humanitarianism Is Not Enough

The Turbulent Decade: Confronting the Refugee Crises of the 1990s

by Sadako Ogata

Adventures of a True Believer

Monumental Propaganda

by Vladimir Voinovich, translated from the Russian by Andrew Bromfield

Sorrows of a Hero

Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda

by Roméo Dallaire, with a foreword by Samantha Power

The Scientific Takeover

Science and Polity in France: The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Years

by Charles Coulston Gillispie

Cat-and-Mouse Games

Code Names: Deciphering US Military Plans, Programs, and Operations in the 9/11 World

by William M. Arkin

The Ghost City

Alexandria: City of Memory

by Michael Haag

Politics: Looking for Liberty

Visions of Politics

by Quentin Skinner

Republicanism: A Shared European Heritage

edited by Martin van Gelderen and Quentin Skinner

Quentin Skinner: History, Politics, Rhetoric

by Kari Palonen

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