Pandemic Journal

Dispatches from around the world documenting the coronavirus outbreak

Resistance Is Futile

Caleb Crain’s second novel, ‘Overthrow,’ examines how art, as much as life, has been reduced to materialism.


by Caleb Crain

The Fundraising Pulpit

Performative fundraising favors simplistic narratives, melodramatic rhetoric, an implacable enemy, and rote phrases to crowd out reasoned debate.

The Brilliant Plodder

We can’t stop reading and talking about Charles Darwin, 138 years after his death.

Darwin’s Most Wonderful Plants: A Tour of His Botanical Legacy

by Ken Thompson

On the Backs of Tortoises: Darwin, the Galápagos, and the Fate of an Evolutionary Eden

by Elizabeth Hennessy

Evolution Before Darwin: Theories of the Transmutation of Species in Edinburgh, 1804–1834

by Bill Jenkins

Modernism, Inc.

Gordon Bunshaft and SOM: Building Corporate Modernism

by Nicholas Adams

Like No One They’d Ever Seen

Younghill Kang’s East Goes West, one of the first Korean American novels, overflows with memorable motormouths, busybodies, sad sacks, and dreamers.

East Goes West

by Younghill Kang, with a foreword by Alexander Chee and afterword by Sunyoung Lee

American Humbug

“It is very amusing,” P.T. Barnum said, to see how easily people “deceive themselves by being too incredulous.”

Barnum: An American Life

by Robert Wilson

As Clean as Rage

There’s a war going on, Virginie Despentes’s books insist, not so much between men and women as on men and women, waged through the constructs of gender.

Vernon Subutex 1

by Virginie Despentes, translated from the French by Frank Wynne

Brazil’s Dead End

Brazil Apart: 1964–2019

by Perry Anderson

The Edge of Democracy

a documentary film by Petra Costa

O Mecanismo [The Mechanism]

a television series created by José Padilha and Elena Soarez

‘Don’t Write on Here, Bad Girl’

Over sixty years, Yvonne Rainer has made an art of bringing a deadpan comic tone to strenuous scenes of bodily exertion, political struggle, emotional strain, and taxing thought.

Work 1961–73

by Yvonne Rainer

Parts of Some Sextets, 1965/2019

a performance by Yvonne Rainer at the Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center, New York City, November 15–17, 2019

Again? Now What?

a performance by Yvonne Rainer at New York Live Arts, New York City, November 21–23, 2019

Storm Warning


by Jenny Offill

Did Britain Win the American Revolution?

To Begin the World Over Again: How the American Revolution Devastated the Globe

by Matthew Lockwood

‘Mysterious and Infinitely Solitary’

Forgotten Journey

by Silvina Ocampo, translated from the Spanish by Suzanne Jill Levine and Katie Lateef-Jan, with a foreword by Carmen Boullosa

The Promise

by Silvina Ocampo, translated from the Spanish by Suzanne Jill Levine and Jessica Powell, with a foreword by Ernesto Montequín

Profiles in Decency

Pravo na Pamiat [The Right to Memory]

a documentary film directed by Ludmila Gordon

Meeting Gorbachev

a documentary film directed by Werner Herzog and André Singer

The Women’s War

The Shadow King

by Maaza Mengiste

The Great Green Hope

On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal

by Naomi Klein

This Land Is Our Land: The Struggle for a New Commonwealth

by Jedediah Purdy

A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal

by Kate Aronoff, Alyssa Battistoni, Daniel Aldana Cohen, and Thea Riofrancos, with a foreword by Naomi Klein

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