The Angels and Devils of Dickens

Dickens by Peter Ackroyd

The Invisible Woman: The Story of Nelly Ternan and Charles Dickens by Claire Tomalin

Mark Twain’s Aquarium: The Samuel Clemens ‘Angelfish’ Correspondence, 1905–1910 edited by John Cooley

Victorian Subjects by J. Hillis Miller

Dickens and the 1830s by Kathryn Chittick

A Star is Born

You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again by Julia Phillips

How Green Was My Valley: The Screenplay for the Darryl F. Zanuck Film Production Directed by John Ford by Philip Dunne

The Final Secret of the Universe’?

Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos: The Scientific Quest for the Secret of the Universe by Dennis Overbye

The Big Bang Never Happened: A Startling Refutation of the Dominant Theory of the Origin of the Universe by Eric J. Lerner

Origins: The Lives and Worlds of Modern Cosmologists by Alan Lightman and Roberta Brawer

Decadence Revisited

Alexander to Actium: The Historical Evolution of the Hellenistic Age by Peter Green

The Hellenistic Aesthetic by Barbara Hughes Fowler

Hellenistic Poetry: An Anthology selected and translated by Barbara Hughes Fowler

Hellenism in Late Antiquity by G.W. Bowersock

Greek Sculpture by Andrew Stewart