The Heroic Art of Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin: Her Life and Art by Nancy Princenthal

Agnes Martin an exhibition at Tate Modern, London, June 3–October 11, 2015; Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, November 7, 2015–March 6, 2016; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, April 24–September 11, 2016; and the Guggenheim Museum, New York City, October 7, 2016–January 11, 2017

A Very Singular Girl

Not Pretty Enough: The Unlikely Triumph of Helen Gurley Brown by Gerri Hirshey

Enter Helen: The Invention of Helen Gurley Brown and the Rise of the Modern Single Woman by Brooke Hauser

Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown

The Single Girl Goes to Town: A Knowing Guide to Men, Maneuvers, Jobs and Just Living for Big City Women by Jean Baer

The Shock of the Little

Small Stories: At Home in a Dollhouse an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood, London, December 13, 2014–September 6, 2015, and the National Building Museum, Washington, D.C., May 21, 2016–January 22, 2017

The Terror of Our Guns

The Gunning of America: Business and the Making of American Gun Culture by Pamela Haag

Guns Across America: Reconciling Gun Rules and Rights by Robert J. Spitzer

Do Guns Make Us Free? Democracy and the Armed Society by Firmin DeBrabander

The Glow of Byzantium

Saints and Sacred Matter: The Cult of Relics in Byzantium and Beyond edited by Cynthia Hahn and Holger A. Klein

Allegories of the Iliad by John Tzetzes, translated from the Greek by Adam J. Goldwyn and Dimitra Kokkini

The Lost World of Byzantium by Jonathan Harris

Imagining the Byzantine Past: The Perception of History in the Illustrated Manuscripts of Skylitzes and Manasses by Elena N. Boeck

Can the Monster Be Elected?

The Gamble: Choice and Chance in the 2012 Presidential Election by John Sides and Lynn Vavreck

Democracy for Realists: Why Elections Do Not Produce Responsive Government by Christopher H. Achen and Larry M. Bartels


Hilton Als is a staff writer at The New Yorker and the coauthor, most recently, of Robert Gober: The Heart Is Not a Metaphor.
 (July 2016)

James Arthur is an Assistant Professor at the Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins and the author of Charms Against Lightning.
 (July 2016)

Peter Brooks, Sterling Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature at Yale, teaches at Princeton. His new book, Flaubert in the Ruins of Paris, will be published in April.
 (March 2017)

Peter Brown is the Philip and Beulah Rollins Professor of History Emeritus at Princeton. His latest book is Treasure in Heaven: The Holy Poor in Early Christianity. (May 2017)

Jerry Brown is Governor of California. (July 2016)

Noam Chomsky is an Institute Professor and Professor Emeritus in the Department of Linguistics at MIT.

David Cole is the National Legal Director of the ACLU and the Honorable George J. Mitchell Professor in Law and Public Policy at the Georgetown University Law Center.
 (May 2017)

Lewis B. Cullman is a retired business owner and philanthropist who serves on many not-for-profit boards. He is the author of Can’t Take It with You: The Art of Making and Giving Money. (July 2016)

Paul Krugman is a columnist for The New York Times and Distinguished Professor of Economics at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2008.
 (July 2016)

Ray Madoff, a Professor at Boston College Law School, is the cofounder and Director of the Boston College Law School Forum on Philanthropy and the Public Good. She is the author of Immortality and the Law: The Rising Power of the American Dead.
 (July 2016)

Lorrie Moore is the Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Professor of English at Vanderbilt and the author of four story collections and three novels. Her most recent novel is A Gate at the Stairs and her most recent collection of stories is Bark. (October 2016)

Fintan O’Toole is a columnist with The Irish Times and the Leonard L. Milberg Visiting Lecturer in Irish Letters at Princeton. His book on George Bernard Shaw, Judging Shaw, will be published in the fall. (April 2017)

Darryl Pinckney’s latest book is a novel, Black Deutschland. (April 2017)

James Romm is the James H. Ottaway Jr. Professor of Classics at Bard. He is the coeditor of The Greek Plays, which will be published in August.
 (July 2016)

Kenneth Roth is the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch. (March 2017)

Cathleen Schine’s latest novel, They May Not Mean To, But They Do, will be published in paperback this June. (April 2017)

Patricia Storace is the author of Heredity, a volume of poems, Dinner with Persephone, a travel memoir about Greece, and Sugar Cane, a children’s book. Her most recent book is the novel A Book of Heaven.
 (July 2016)

Michael Tomasky is a Special Correspondent for The Daily Beast and the Editor of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas. (April 2017)

Helen Vendler is the Arthur Kingsley Porter University Professor in the Department of English at Harvard. Her latest book is The Ocean, the Bird, and the Scholar, a collection of her most recent essays. (April 2017)