Easy, Easy

The Liverpool Scene

edited by Edward Lucie-Smith

The Incredible New Liverpool Scene

recorded live along the Mersey Beat, written and performed by Adrian Henri and Roger McGough

A Universal Man

William Morris: His Life, Work and Friends

by Philip Henderson, with a Foreword by Allan Temko

The Work of William Morris

by Paul Thompson

William Morris as Designer

by Ray Watkinson

Nonsense and Sensibility

The Hidden Dimension

by Edward T. Hall

The Silent Language

by Edward T. Hall


The Missolonghi Manuscript

by Frederic Prokosch

Byron and the Ruins of Paradise

by Robert F. Gleckner

The Way We Live Now

III-at-Ease in Compton

by Richard M. Elman

The Levittowners

by Herbert J. Gans

The Way It Spozed to Be

by James Herndon

War Correspondent

Winston S. Churchill: Young Statesman 1901-1914

by Randolph S. Churchill

The Literary Life in Cuba

Tres tristes tigres

by Guillermo Cabrera Infante


by José Lezama Lima

Explosion in the Cathedral

by Alejo Carpentier

Writers in the New Cuba

edited by J.M. Cohen

Inconsolable Memories

by Edmundo Desnoes, translated by David Gallagher, with Foreward by Jack Gelber

A Candle in the Wind

by Juan Arcocha

The Twelve

by Carlos Franqui, translated by Albert Teichner

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