I Bite Everywhere

Guignol's Band

by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, translated by Bernard Frechtman, translated by Jack T. Nile

Voyeur Voyant

by Erika Ostrovsky

Castle to Castle

by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, translated by Ralph Manheim


by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, translated by Ralph Manheim

I. F. Stone Reports: Betrayal by Psychiatry

Let History Judge

by Roy A. Medvedev

A Question of Madness

by Zhores Medvedev and Roy Medvedev

A Chronicle of Current Events Republished in English by Amnesty International Publications, Turnagain Lane, Farringdon St., London EC4, England

Journal of the Soviet Human Rights Movement

Through the Keyhole

Codeword: "Direktor"

by Heinz Höhne

The Double-Cross System

by J.C. Masterman

The Game of the Foxes

by Ladislas Farago

The London Journals of General Raymond E. Lee 1940-1941

edited by James Lenze

Henry James and his Cult

Henry James: The Master, 1901-1916

by Leon Edel

The Goat

Lloyd George: A Diary

by Frances Stevenson, edited by A.J.P. Taylor

The Good Old Days

Facing Life: Youth and the Family in American History

by Oscar Handlin and Mary F. Handlin

Women’s Liberator

Samuel Richardson: A Biography

by T.C. Duncan Eaves and Ben D. Kimpel

Music to Compose By

Boulez on Music Today

by Pierre Boulez, translated by Susan Bradshaw, translated by Richard Rodney Bennett

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