Mr. Blotner, Mr. Feaster, and Mr. Faulkner

Faulkner: A Biography

by Joseph Blotner

Carlyle, Our Hero?

The Seventh Hero: Thomas Carlyle and the Theory of Radical Activism

by Philip Rosenberg

A Tale of Long Ago

Ladies and Gentlemen
Lenny Bruce!!

by Albert Goldman from the journalism of Lawrence Schiller

The End of an Era

The New Economics: One Decade Older

by James Tobin

The Unstable Economy: Booms and Recessions in the US Since 1945

by Victor Perlo

Death of the Dollar

by William F. Rickenbacker

The World in Depression, 1929-1939

by Charles P. Kindleberger

The Kondratieff Wave

by James B. Shuman and David Rosenau

The Great Wheel: The World Monetary System

by Sidney E. Rolfe and James L. Burtle

The Management of Interdependence: A Preliminary View Foreign Relations

by Miriam Camps

The Retreat of American Power

by Henry Brandon

An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect

by Robert L. Heilbroner

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Real Women

Seduction and Betrayal

by Elizabeth Hardwick

The French Deadlock

Decline or Renewal? France Since the 1930s

by Stanley Hoffmann

The Dangers of Nostalgia

Let's Fall in Love

by Carol Hill

The Sightseer

by Geoffrey Wolff


by David Madden

The Wanderers

by Richard Price

Giving New Life to Death

Piété baroque et déchristianisation en Provence au XVIIIe siècle: Les attitudes devant la mort d'après les clauses des testaments

by Michel Vovelle

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