Children of the Sun

by Martin Green

The Strange Case of the Spotted Mice

The Patchwork Mouse

by Joseph Hixson

Sentimental Education

Schooling in Capitalist America

by Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis

In Gibbon’s Shade

Roman Social Relations, 50 BC to AD 284

by Ramsay MacMullen

Christianity in the Roman World

by R.A. Markus

Symbols of Church and Kingdom: A Study in Early Syriac Tradition

by Robert Murray

The Fall of the Roman Empire: A Reappraisal

by Michael Grant

Jung and God

C.G. Jung: Letters Volume 2 1951-1961

selected and edited by Gerhard Adler, in collaboration with Aniela Jaffé, translated by R.F.C. Hull

C.G. Jung: His Myth in Our Time

by Marie-Louise von Franz, translated by William H. Kennedy

Jung and the Story of Our Time

by Laurens van der Post

Jung on Elementary Psychology: A Discussion Between C.G. Jung and Richard Evans

by C.G. Jung and Richard Evans


Rudyard Kipling and His World

by Kingsley Amis

Kipling: The Glass, the Shadow and the Fire

by Philip Mason

Milking the Elk

America in the Movies

by Michael Wood

The Men Who Made the Movies

by Richard Schickel

Life Goes to the Movies

The Silent Clowns

by Walter Kerr

Nijinsky and ‘Le Sacre’

Nijinsky Dancing

by Lincoln Kirstein

Diaghilev Observed by Critics in England and the United States, 1911-1929

by Nesta Macdonald

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