Love and Hate

The Letters of Gustave Flaubert, 1830-1857

selected, edited and translated by Francis Steegmuller

How Psychosomatic Is Your Illness?

Social Causes of Illness

by Richard Totman

The Best?

The President Who Failed: Carter Out of Control

by Clark R. Mollenhoff

Jimmy Carter: A Character Portrait

by Bruce Mazlish and Edwin Diamond

Grand Disillusions

The Generation of 1914

by Robert Wohl

Passing the Buck

The Fate of the Dollar

by Martin Mayer

Looking for the Exit

Fin-de-siècle Vienna: Politics and Culture

by Carl E. Schorske

Love It or Leave It!

Imagining America

by Peter Conrad

What’s New About the Old Regime?

The Institutions of France under the Absolute Monarchy 1598-1789: Society and State

by Roland E. Mousnier, translated by Brian Pearce

Boom and Bust

Department of Defense Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1981

by Harold Brown Secretary of Defense

Some Fun!

Morgan's Passing

by Anne Tyler

Life Before Man

by Margaret Atwood

Publick Benefits and Private Vices

Paternalism in Early Victorian England

by David Roberts

Barclay Fox's Journal

edited by R. L. Brett

Aristocracy and the People: Britain 1815-1865

by Norman Gash

Iron Bridge to Crystal Palace: Impact and Images of the Industrial Revolution

by Asa Briggs

The Charm of the Scout

Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity

by Gregory Bateson

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