Seize the Day

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture

by Abbie Hoffman

Crises in Mathematics

Mathematics: The Loss of Certainty

by Morris Kline

Waiting for Righty

Loon Lake

by E.L. Doctorow

Fannikins’s Cunnikin

Fanny: Being the True History of the Adventures of Fanny Hackabout-Jones

by Erica Jong

The Weimar Review

Die Weltbühne Germany)

Remembering Madrid

Miracle of November: Madrid's Epic Stand, 1936

by Dan Kurzman

The Spanish Revolution: The Left and the Struggle for Power During the Civil War

by Burnett Bolloten

Beyond Death and Exile: The Spanish Republicans in France, 1939-1955

by Louis Stein

Alien Sages

Under the Sign of Saturn

by Susan Sontag

A Populist Vision

The Lean Years: Politics in the Age of Scarcity

by Richard J. Barnet

The Ghost Goes West

The Plan of St. Gall

by Walter Horn and Ernest Born

Apocalypse for Everyone

The Devil's Alternative

by Frederick Forsyth

The Fifth Horseman

by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre

The Spike

by Arnaud de Borchgrave and Robert Moss

Revolution and Religion

Fire in the Minds of Men: Origins of the Revolutionary Faith

by James H. Billington

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