The Gambler’s Throw

Early Auden

by Edward Mendelson

The Disappointments of Jefferson

The Sage of Monticello Volume Six of "Jefferson and His Time"

by Dumas Malone

Lincoln Shelter

Lincoln Center: The Building of an Institution

by Edgar B. Young, with a foreword by Frank Stanton


Fall of a House

July's People

by Nadine Gordimer

An American Sissy

Mornings on Horseback

by David McCullough

In the Southern Camp

Mary Chesnut's Civil War

edited by C. Vann Woodward

China: How Much Dissent?

A Madman of Ch'u: The Chinese Myth of Loyalty and Dissent

by Laurence A. Schneider

Dissent in Early Modern China: Ju-lin Wai-Shih and Ch'ing Social Criticism

by Paul S. Ropp

China's Intellectuals: Advise and Dissent

by Merle Goldman

Beijing Street Voices: The Poetry and Politics of China's Democracy Movement

by David S.G. Goodman

Is Mathematics for Real?

The Mathematical Experience

by Philip J. Davis and Reuben Hersh

The Glow of Irreality


by Wassily Kandinsky, translated by Elizabeth R. Napier

"Kandinsky: The Improvisations" 1981

The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. April 26-September 7,

Life With Father


by William Wharton

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