The Faraway War

The Soviets invested considerable resources—material and above all moral—in Afghanistan. Retreating without leaving a Communist government in power will be difficult to disguise as anything other than a humiliating defeat.

Report from Afghanistan

by Gérard Chaliand, translated by Tamar Jacoby

In Afghanistan: An American Odyssey

by Jere Van Dyk

A Hitch or Two in Afghanistan: A Journey behind Russian Lines

by Nigel Ryan

Behind Russian Lines: An Afghan Journal

by Sandy Gall

Afghanistan and the Soviet Union

by Henry S. Bradsher

Red Flag over Afghanistan: The Communist Coup, the Soviet Invasion and Their Consequences

by Thomas T. Hammond

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Double Trouble

The Return of Martin Guerre

by Natalie Zemon Davis

On the Eve: A Story

“The sky begins to cloud over in a sudden metamorphosis of intention. The word, snow, appears in the drift of voices.”

The Upper Depths

Writers in Russia: 1917-1978

by Max Hayward, edited with an introduction by Patricia Blake, preface by Leonard Schapiro

The Good Soldier

Delta Force

by Charlie A Beckwith Col. USA (Ret.) and Donald Knox

Wagner and Wagnerism

Richard Wagner: His Life, His Work, His Century

by Martin Gregor-Dellin, translated by J. Maxwell Brownjohn

The New Grove Wagner

by John Deathridge and Carl Dahlhaus

The Fertilizing Seed: Wagner's Concept of the Poetic Intent

by Frank W. Glass

Wagner's Siegfried: Its Drama, History, and Music

by Patrick McCreless

I Saw the World End: A Study of Wagner's Ring

by Deryck Cooke

Wagner and Aeschylus: The Ring and the Oresteia

by Michael Ewans

Kingdom on the Rhine: History, Myth and Legend in Wagner's Ring

by Nancy Benvenga

Staging Wagnerian Drama

by Adolphe Appia, translated with an introduction by Peter Loeffler

My Life

by Richard Wagner, translated by Andrew Gray, edited by Mary Whittall

Wagner Rehearsing the 'Ring': An Eye-Witness Account of the Stage Rehearsals of the First Bayreuth Festival

by Heinrich Porges, translated by Robert L. Jacobs

In Search of Wagner [Versuch über Wagner]

by Theodor Adorno, translated by Rodney Livingstone

Wagner, Boulez, Chéreau: Essai sur l'infidélité

by Jean-Jacques Nattiez

Dichtungen und Schriften: Jubiläumsausgabe in Zehn Bänden

by Richard Wagner, edited by Dieter Borchmeyer

The Opera Quarterly, Commemorative Wagner Issue, volume 1, no. 3 (Autumn 1983)

Three Wagner Essays

by Richard Wagner, translated by Robert L. Jacobs

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Nuclear Catholicism

Confession of a Catholic

by Michael Novak

Moral Clarity in the Nuclear Age

by Michael Novak, foreword by Billy Graham, introduction by William F. Buckley, Jr.

The Madonna of Bloomsbury

Vanessa Bell

by Frances Spalding

Centenary of a Cipher

Raphael Vrbinas:II Mito Della Fornarina

edited by Dante Bernini

Raphael in der Alten Pinakothek

by Hubertus von Sonnenburg

The Drawings of Raphael

by Paul Joannides


by Konrad Oberhuber


by Roger Jones and Nicholas Penny

The Elephant and the Maharajah

Inflation, Tax Rules, and Capital Formation

by Martin Feldstein


Auden: An American Friendship

by Charles H. Miller

This Man and Music

by Anthony Burgess

Glenn Gould: Variations

by Himself and His Friends, edited with an introduction by John McGreevy

Balthus: Drawings and Watercolors

by Giovanni Carandente

The Letters of William Somerset Maugham to Lady Juliet Duff

edited and with an introduction by Loren R. Rothchild

The Luck of the Irish

Fools of Fortune

by William Trevor

The Stories of William Trevor

Rebuilding Architecture

Architecture Today

by Charles Jencks, with a contribution by William Chaitkin

Modern Architecture: A Critical History

by Kenneth Frampton

Modern Architecture since 1900

by William J.R. Curtis

Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue

by Richard Oliver

The Decorated Diagram: Harvard Architecture and the Failure of the Bauhaus Legacy

by Klaus Herdeg

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