The Wind that Blew in Reagan

The New Politics of Inequality

by Thomas Byrne Edsall

The Backlands Rebellion

The War of the End of the World

by Mario Vargas Llosa, translated by Helen R. Lane

Wishful Thinking

The British Empire in the Middle East, 1945–1951: Arab Nationalism, The United States, and Postwar Imperialism

by William Roger Louis

The Ultimate Ghetto

The Last Arab Jews: The Communities of Jerba, Tunisia

by Abraham L. Udovitch and Lucette Valensi

Success Story

Copland: 1900 Through 1942

by Aaron Copland and Vivian Perlis


Ilya Ehrenburg: Revolutionary, Novelist, Poet, War Correspondent, Propagandist
The Extraordinary Epic of a Russian Survivor material by

by Anatol Goldberg, with an introduction, postscript, and additional Erik de Mauny

Hellfire Politics

The Lost Soul of American Politics: Virtue, Self-Interest, and the Foundations of Liberalism

by John Patrick Diggins

Good Witches

The Night Battles: Witchcraft and Agrarian Cults in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

by Carlo Ginzburg, translated by John Tedeschi and Anne Tedeschi

La sorcière de Jasmin

by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie

The Case of the Crooked Bookman

An Enquiry into the Nature of Certain Nineteenth Century Pamphlets (2d Edition)

by John Carter and Graham Pollard, edited by Nicolas Barker and John Collins

A Sequel to 'An Enquiry': The Forgeries of H. Buxton Forman and T.J. Wise Re-examined

by Nicolas Barker and John Collins

‘Welfare’: The Future of an Illusion

The Economic Illusion: False Choices Between Prosperity and Social Justice

by Robert Kuttner

Capitalism and the Welfare State: Dilemmas of Social Benevolence

by Neil Gilbert

Kate Quinton's Days

by Susan Sheehan

Selective Nontreatment of Handicapped Newborns: Moral Dilemmas in Neonatal Medicine

by Robert F. Weir

What Is a Wife Worth?

by Michael H. Minton, with Jean Libman Block

Demographic and Socioeconomic Aspects of Aging in the United States

Bureau of the Census, US Department of Commerce (Series P-23, No. 138)

Catholic Social Teaching and the US Economy

US Bishops Ad Hoc Committee

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