The Siege

No Ivory Tower: McCarthyism and the Universities

by Ellen W. Schrecker

On the Verge

Dostoevsky: The Stir of Liberation, 1860–-1865

by Joseph Frank


Shcharansky: Hero of Our Time

by Martin Gilbert

MOMA’s Vienna

Vienna 1900: Art, Architecture & Design 21, 1986.

an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. New York, July 3–October, Catalog by Kirk Varnedoe

The War that Won’t Go Away

Brothers in Arms: A Journey from War to Peace

by William Broyles Jr.

Chance and Circumstance: The Draft, the War and the Vietnam Generation

by Lawrence M. Baskir and William A. Strauss, foreword by Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh

Long Time Passing: Vietnam and the Haunted Generation

by Myra MacPherson

The Vietnamese Gulag

by Doan Van Toai and David Chanoff

Eisenhower’s War

Eisenhower: At War, 1943–1945

by David Eisenhower

How to Think About the Deficit

How Real Is the Federal Deficit?

by Robert Eisner

The Deficits: How Big? How Long? How Dangerous?

by Daniel Bell and Lester Thurow

Cardboard Darwinism

Vaulting Ambition

by Philip Kitcher

Myths of Gender

by Anne Fausto-Sterling

Females of the Species: Sex and Survival in the Animal Kingdom

by Bettyann Kevles

Ways Down South

Kate Vaiden

by Reynolds Price

A Summons to Memphis

by Peter Taylor

The Other Germany

German History in Marxist Perspective: The East German Approach

by Andreas Dorpalen

Bismarck, Urpreuße Und Reichsgründer

by Ernst Engelberg

East Germany and Détente: Building Authority After the Wall

by A. James McAdams

Geschichte Der DDR.

by Hermann Weber

"Und Willst Du Nicht Mein Bruder Sein…" Die DDR Heute

by Timothy Garton Ash

Thanks, Shchukin & Morozov

Impressionist to Early Modern Paintings from the USSR: Works from the Hermitage Museum, Leningrad, and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts Moscow 22–October 5, 1986.

an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, August

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